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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Pokemon Remake (Fire Red)

To start this post with anything other then "I play Pokemon" would be ignoring the fact that I do. Thus, "I play Pokemon" is now out of the way and I may speak of the proper issue at hand.

That issue being fed a remake of a "classic". Pokemon Red for the GBC was one of the first two that ever started "Poke-fever" and it was remade for the GBA and given an "overhaul" with the title of Pokemon Fire Red. The problem is that if you have played either Pokemon Red or Blue then Fire Red and Leaf Green are just dumb and you would rather play the old "crappy version".

The thing is you would expect something new to be added to these remakes. However, that is not so much true. The only additions, minus the sound and graphical ones, are a few islands and the additional Pokemon that have been released so far in the "Poke-verse". That is, of course, after you have beaten the game. This is slightly irritating.

All the "add ones" from the latter versions, after the original Red, Blue and Yellow, are not there until the game is beaten. This is, again, very, very, very frustrating. The most obvious, and most annoying, was the day care center. This is the location where you place two Pokemon to mate and get Pokemon Eggs. Usually, for me at least, one of them was always a ditto. The day care center was not opened until much later and at that time I no longer cared to make breeder Pokemon.

I think I would have had more fun with the game if I had others to battle or trade with. That is where a lot of Fire Red's features are. As I was playing on my PC VBA emulator with no intention for any netplay (Even with myself upon opening multiple emulator instances), I was basically stuck only playing the 1p mode. That is cool but I wish more things were open in 1p mode.

Guess I'm saying you should play the original Red, Blue or Yellow and deal with the crappy graphics. There is also the option to play Silver (which I am doing now) or Gold. These are the two best in the series, at least in my opinion.

Next Blog

The second is about Next Blog. Next blog only as that link, so far, on this blog and is in the making. A second author for this is HIGHLY requested. That is only if they can follow the post template and keep things short.

According to Blog spot/blogger settings I would need to be "privy" to your email address in order to add you as a contributor so if it is different then the one you use for Blogger sign in or if I am mistaken and you can not actually "find out that way" then one will need be provided.

Note: Next Blog is a sub division, or at least will be, of Solve Unamusement. This is due to how it looks, how it is run and being a random amusement within itself. Once the site is "fully functional" then there will be a static link provided at the top.

Fallen Sword

Today there will be talks of two things. One is an amusement and the other a note on possible amusement that is still being worked on.

The first is a PBBG that goes by the title Fallen Sword. Fallen Sword is a PBBG that is based on the most common of types. The name for its type currently escapes me and I am in no direct mood for "research". Fallen Sword is a simple 2d almost non graphical hardly difficult and almost not amusing PBBG. The idea behind Fallen Sword is annoyingly simple. It consists of two parts for a good majority of the game.

One is to grind on monsters you that are auto hit based on stats of the character. These stats are mostly based on equipment and have no actual value on character stats at all. That is unless you pump ONE and ONLY ONE stat. The skills/magic and other things of that nature help to the point where they are, at times, needed in order to actually advance. Anyone can learn any skill and equip any type of weapon and/or armor as there are no "classes".

Fallen Swords only real amusement is its PvP. This coming from someone who generally finds PvP as not what a game should be "fun for", this means a lot or little if you hate PvP more then even myself. Actually the game portion other then PvP is really boring and "the rest of the game" is only saved if you have a "good clan". Otherwise its just tedious and stupid.

A lot of players quit before reaching level five and I do not blame them any. My character is currently at 96 or 97 depending on whether or not people have placed bounties on my head. That is a small annoying feature. PvP is not only unrestricted but the "bounty system" actually encourages it. There is a reward for killing PvPers by PvPing. Also, you may bounty anyone trying to claim a bounty on you so sometimes it becomes a circle jerk of who has more gold.

Another "light note" is the game is basically closed to you without "Fallen Sword Points" (FPS). These can, of course, be normally bought but are not worth it. It would be better to pay for a "real game" or find a "more free" game if on insisted. TPS is hard to obtain otherwise and all of the "good equipment" along with any additional "player skills" cost FPS.

There is a link in my side bar available for anyone to sign up if they so wish. I honestly do not suggest it and I am not sure why I even still play, at times. The game has its fun but it does not really "open" until you have reached level 30 and found a good clan/guild.

Duck dat Devil! (Daffy Duck & The Tazmanian Devil)

Daffy Duck is, next to Bugs Bunny, the smartest Loony Tunes character in the entire bunch. Daffy has taken on so many others within the series that he should not really be "second" so much as tied with Bugs. The only problem with Daffy is his cowardice and his greed, which this cartoon depict very well. Both are dehibilitating to him and if those two traits were to be "removed" then Daffy would be the "top dog" among the Loony Tune characters. However, Daffy would now be "Bugs with a Beak" and that's no fun.

Ducking The Devil - Daffy vs Taz

Few people give Daffy the credit he deserves. How many other characters have taken on the Tasmanian (Taz) Devil? How many have taken him on and won? I think the only other character to take Taz on and win other then Daffy was Bugs. They are the only two smart enough to do so, after all.


The basic plot of Chobits, as I see it: Farm Boy meets robot computer girl. Robot computer girl falls in love with farm boy. Farm boy does best to avoid doing the same as he grows random crushes on random females within his surroundings.

As of the start of this post I have finished sixteen of the twenty seven episodes of Chobits. By the end of the day I hope to get to one of the final episodes if not finish it completely, so I figured it would be okay to pass my vote and then continue this tomorrow.

The show has some great parts and I have only seen one episode that wasn't absolutely amusing. It was one of those "catch up" episodes that a lot of shows have so I'm not counting this against the show as a whole. From I can see of future episode names I see only two or three more total out of the twenty seven so, again, no harm.

Overall the show's humor is what really gets me. There is a good romance story with multiple characters all giving great, if not a bit annoying, foreshadowing about the two main characters. I will also not take away from possible annoying voice acting. So I'll break this down into goods and bads.

  • Great Humor.
  • Not Horrible Romance
  • Well Animated
  • Good, if not easily figured out, plot

  • Drawn out "middle parts" that only lead to a small joke
  • Annoyingly not needed foreshadowing
  • Pushes the "Soft Porn" mark at times

One common part I am currently enjoying is this "Children's Story" that is added in the middle as foreshadowing. Its the only foreshadowing within the anime that I like. The rest is this "3rd Party" thing. Implying on the main character via his new friends and family. Upon completion of this post I am on eighteen of twenty seven.

One another small note: I am also not sure about what is about with Chii's alternate self with reference to the rest of the show.

Chobits is also a manga but I'm generally allergic to reading.

Update:While the last episode is basically pointless the show as a whole is very great and has a nice overall theme. I could do without the "wrap up" shows (as was the last one), the slightly annoying "Sumomo" (but I think that was the point of the character), and the easy to figure out plot. A lot of the "twists" didn't seem to surprise me any. Well, its a nice show.. give it a run through.

Song Blog (Stricktly Bangers)

Thanks to the magic that is Blogs of Note I have found a very amusing blog all about random music. That site being Strictly Bangers.

Updated frequently by a few random people the site hits a range of music from the Alternative and Metal scenes all the way to, on a current post, The Beach Boys. Its a nice place to find random music you may have not heard before. I know I have located a bit of random music awesomeness via Strictly Bangers.

Chateau - Robert Dougan

On another technically relevant note, here is a song that Pandora recently has been suggesting to me rather often on my "Techno Station". Its from the second matrix movie during the fight when they first try and get the keymaker. Of course this version is the "extended" one, its still cool and you can almost see Neo being a bad ass as the music plays.

Lemon Kiss has a new post as well. Hamburgers are cheap, or are they?

Get Off My Lawn - The Game

You are the "Blue Mollet" and there are other Mollets who want nothing more then to just mess up your nice green lawn. Of course, you are not going to stand for this, are you? Of course not! So what you do is grab your lawnmower and start showing Mollets what the consequences for not listening are.

This game is awesome! I found it some time ago while doing random searches for my Gran Torino post and have yet to share. Basically, the game is something I at least know I wished I could do to lots of people. Don't listen then eat my lawnmower blade.

The creatures in the game have creative and funny names, attack behaviors and patterns that all fit. Starting with simple Red and Orange Mollets it quickly branches out to include such Mollets as "The Chatter Box" and "The Glutton".

Its a clever little game that hits nice and well with me. Help stave off the horrible no goods that can't keep their feets (spelling is incorrect on purpose) to themselves. Mow them down! Mow them down and then dance over their corpses!

Here is a link if you want to play. There is also a link in my side bar, as usual.

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