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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

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Solve Unamusement Closed

Blog Hiatus (NaNoWriMo)


National Novel Writing Month

Be Back December

Or Maybe Not

Web Comix Round-Up

A list of interesting comics that could easily kill your life, or at least several hours of it. Firstly we'll poke at a comic that relies on those who live in retail to offer the gold which it provides, then we'll pimp out a local of Solve Unamusement before listing everyone else.

Firstly: Customers Suck - If you have ever had a job, ever, then you will be able to smile at how stupid everyone is. There is a forum for anyone who does work and has that story to share but if you're like me and unemployed, the comic is right down the page there.

Second: The Fort Splashington Adventures Some may or may not remember Splash over at One Crazy Fool and Some Other Stuff but she's also got a comic running. It is random.

Axe Cop - Written by a five year old kid and then illustrated by his brother. To say this is genius would be speaking mildly.

VG Cats - I don't know. It is very random and... yeah, just look at it. I don't even remember why it is on the list.

Pajama Forest - A comic usually about two kids. It is funny but does have a few misses. I get linked to this comic by others every few days so it can't be that horrible.

Least I Could Do - A more adult comic that centers around themes not usually spoken about by Solve Unamusement but still very funny.

Amazing Super Powers - This one will kill an entire day simply because you wont realize how much time you killed. This comic is funny and engaging and somehow rehashes jokes but doesn't get stale.

Lead Paint - I forgot

Boxer Hockey - Many know of this one already and that's because it has been around for quite some time. Start at the beginning to get the full story. The thing reads like TV episodes if you do it that way.

Legend of Bill - Think Dave The Barbarian with adult themes.

Shortpacked! - A comic based around the nerd-styles of a man working in retail.

Title of the Song

Just something really quick, Title of the Song is an interesting take on the stereotypical love song. Anyone oblivious to this formula should also listen to Pop Song as you are probably as gullible in this fashion as well.

Da Vincie Notebook - Title of the Song

Morrowind Music Remixed

So, yes, anyone who's been here before knows that Solve Unamusement has a special (almost creepy) thing for the game Morrowind.

Just In Case:

We shall continue this trend with the guitar as was intended the first time this started but attention spans and all that.

The Giving Tree x2

I am sure most, if not all, of those readers who are about Solve Unamusement has read or heard of The Giving Tree at some point in time or another. If not, a refresher course can be found within this post as well as a humors take on it.

Shel Silverstein - The Giving Tree

And With A Twist

Angel's Egg

Ever found yourself finding something that was just to good to describe with words? No? Just me? Well if it isn't just those at Solve Unamusement that look at Angel's Egg with astonishment then you will have to forgive us for wasting your time. Wait, that's why you're even here so nevermind.

Angel's Egg is a 1985 Anime that is produced by some people who are important to the industry today, or something, but we don't care. What we do care about are visuals and sound. The entire Anime has maybe one paragraph of text so is perfect for those "I hate sub Anime" people (to which I used to be one of and could have been sold on this back then).

The entire movie is written with sound design in mind and the visual appeal is just astonishing. Remember, this was done in 1985 and that shows but, at the same time, you can feel the images that are put forward on the screen.

And considering the last time Solve Unamusement touched an Anime it was Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged, we shall be hitting quite a few Anime within the next few months.

Follows are some visual aids and then an actual download. The download is being provided simply because the movie is one pain in the ass to track down; with English subs, anyway. It should be noted that the Anime does suffer from a light bit of Engrish, however very minor.

Within you? With you, sure, but not within you; that would be weird. Egg inside of places it should not be, aside, this is a really great movie and very much worth a watch! Did I mention the characters have no names? (Angel's Egg Wiki)

Freerice (Feed Others with What You Know!)

Help with world hunger and kill time all with the power of your brain. For every correct answer at you help donate ten grains of rice. This blogger has donated 2.5 thousand grains, which is probably enough to make a single meal, on word definitions alone. Got to level 35 at the highest before becoming bored of it again. Suggest bookmarking and using this to stay constructive in two different ways; test your brain and help out your fellow man.

Special note to our regular reader joo for breaking Over 9000 grains of rice!



It is time to infect the world and there are at least two amusing ways to do it. One way is to create a very detailed desies and control how it mutates and kills off the human population while the other is to blast an unknown chemical at people which turns them into zombies.

Both have their fun for their own reasons but we'll look at both into a good amount of detail both of these are flash games at Kongregate, to which this blog writer has an account if only for ease of use and to prevent backlogging bookmarks of flash games.

Anyway, to continue we are going to look at two games which are based around world domination. Neither require more than the mouse to play and are very "Easy to learn, difficult to master." Please note that while neither of these games have been beaten on Solve Unamusement's accord, they will eat hours of your life.

Google is Awesome Today

It is amazing the things Google is willing to do with their logo, today is no different as Google celebrates John Lennon's would be 70th Birthday. Anyway, if you don't know Google's URL you need help but there it is. Otherwise...

Google Logo - John Lennon

That's Terrible

Two ways to say that word "Terrible" and they come in the terms "Funny, but not cool" and "Wow, that sucked." We can look at both, very quickly, by reading a couple comics.

A couple of random strips (not full webcomix) which have been randomly sent in this direction a few times. Today, we'll hit on two really quick and then later shall share a long list of full on regular updated webcomix. Anyway, excluding the ramble, let us continue along.

Sound Byte

Been awhile, has it not? Yes, Solve Unamusement took something of an unofficial break from the world of blogging and the like but such things happen to us all. Now today we'll handle a few things all music related that have been in the Solve Unamusement bookmark for a bit.

First on the list is audiojack. To put that simple, they are audio sounds which tell a story. What story is completely up to interpretation; so much so that there is a forum centered around the entire concept of explaining what story you have heard and sharing it with others. (that sub-forum) The sounds and stories are amazing (and lame) only based on how you've seen them, so don't forget how much perception is involved before you scoff.

Next we shall look at Symphony of Science and what is involved there. Generally speaking, nothing more than quotes from some of our greatest scientific minds of the last ten or so years set to auto-tune and an extra little beat of music but for anyone who's got a creationists on his back about the "lacking of beauty in design" this is a nice shut-up-button.

However the concepts and the way the music is put together is the enjoyment. Sure the message is there, scientific thought is here and we intend to stay around (get used to it) but that's not the point there. Continue on if you'd like to see some embedded music or view their main site where you can download.

Alter Ego

Ever thought to yourself, "If only I had handled that point in my life differently?" I'm sure you have, we all have! Then there is the point where we see things, or hear of things, and wonder how we might have handled that situation. Then there is the thought, how will I handle things in the future? How will life go if I act in a certain way?

Questions upon questions upon questions we all have can now be semi-answered by an interesting life experiment and/or game called Alter Ego.

Describing this game as a "Life Simulator" is both true and false at the same time. How to describe it is also lacking in my own understanding of things. The best thing to say is: "The game plays with the mouse and requires a good amount of reading. Have fun!"

Alter Ego

Polyushko Pole Plus One

The title would say it all if anyone was versed in their Russian history. Perhaps history isn't needed, just an understanding of some Russian music which has validity within Russia. While we are not above cultural diversity on Solve Unamusement, we must not forget Russia.

To the point at hand, Polyushko Pole is interesting.

Helloooo Nurse! (Animaniacs)

Just something really quick.

Animaniacs - Hellooooo Nurse!

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