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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

New Years Eve

The last day of 2009 and there shall be nothing special to report. New Years Eve and it's actual day mean one of three things.

  • Fireworks
  • The Ball Drop
  • Feasting

As there is no way to give such things to my readers via the internet how about a way to deal with the inevitable and stressing year to come. A way to chill and be calm, something all of us could use at one point or another.

Laurent Wolf - No Stress

Happy (Soon To Be) New Year, Readers!

Jack Frost

Wikipedia Says:

In English folklore, Jack Frost appears as an elfish creature who personifies crisp, cold, winter weather; a variant of Father Winter (also known as "Old Man Winter"). Some believe this representation originated in Germanic folklore specifically in the Anglo-Saxon and Norse winter customs.

Tradition holds Jack Frost responsible for leaving frosty crystal patterns on windows on cold mornings (window frost or fern frost).

Disney ETC Says:
Jack Frost

Dudel Says:

Solve Unamusement does not support Jack Frost or cold weather. It is an evil thing, perhaps even a demon, and even the likes of southern states results in low unpleasant temperatures because of them.

Warning Label Generator

A fun artistically inclined internet gadget that allows you to create your own warning labels. It runs more on a template standard then anything but, again, it's still fun to do.

Warning Label Generator

Personally, one for Solve Unamusement was half created which might go on the "About Me" page. There was also a ponder if to make an actual label for a the main page but the green and yellow simple letters fits much better, I feel.

Create some and then share them, lets see how much fun Solve Unamusement readers can have. Be creative and think outside the box, unlike myself in this situation.

Missing Song (Gone in 60 Seconds)

While that soundtrack listing that was posted had some of the movies song, I highly doubt that was honestly the entire soundtrack. How I know or think this is because the title sequence song, which is awesome by the way, was clearly missing as well as several others.

Flower - Moby

Watch In New Window

There are a couple/few others missing but Solve Unamusement isn't quite caring about those. This was the main reason for the original post, anyway, so do enjoy.

Gone in 60 Seconds (Music)

Anyone in America who has USA and likes commercial free movies about cars, theft and has an ear for great music should have watched "Gone in 60 Seconds" last week.

In case you missed it, I am going to at least offer you the music soundtrack (at least part of it) courtesy of youtube. It has a great combo of rock, sometimes called "techno-rock" depending on who you are.

Gone in 60 Seconds Soundtrack

To Allow Play In a New Window

What Christmas?

Christmas is now over, please return your seats to some upright position of some type and GET BACK TO WORK!

Sorry for the fail posts the last few days but I figured Solve Unausement deserved a small Christmas break. Nothing fancy, just don't do anything for awhile and then pretend like nothing happened.

Lets take a moment to remember why Solve Unamusement is here, shall we? A moment to look at Solve Unamusement's first post and be ready for the new year.

Counter Productive Behavior

Is is counter productive to name your blog after that which it is meant to solve? If my blog is a means of "amusement" then naming it the adverse, with a made up word, should create a hint of intrigue. That is my hope, of course.

On this silly note, and possible anecdote, I bring you the "cause" for my blog. The cause is a simple thing: To inform people, who may or may not even actually exist beyond my computer screen, of my view of the planet called "Earth". I live there, on one of the largest landmasses and on one of the largest peninsulas. It is called "Florida" and it is where I have been sense my spawn.

That's right, copy-pasted! Now everyone who's reading knows the supposed story that is Solve Unamusement. Normal scheduled amusements to continue tomorrow with no specific topic at hand.

Christmas Eve

I'm sorry, you were expecting something?

Just because I don't actively celebrate doesn't mean I want to sit here and drop obligatory Christmas stuff. Solve Unamusement takes a holiday!

See everyone bright and early, sorta, on December 26th. If you don't believe me, that's your problem. I also hope readers can take a joke.

Christmas Techno

Didn't I say this was going to happen? Solve Unamusement supports Christmas Techno! So, in honor of this support, here are a few megamixes of some classic Christmas songs that are not only tolerable, they are enjoyable.

o2Jam - Christmas Mega Mix

DJ Lycan - Christmas Techno

I didn't try very hard with this post, to be honest. It's just supposed to be techno Christmas, so this works for me. Hope it was enjoyable!

Carol of the Bells

One of the very few Christmas songs that I honestly fully enjoy from beginning to end. It is one of the ones that doesn't ever seem to annoy me, despite being so monotonous and repetitive.

Carol of the Bells just sounds cool to me. I honestly can't get enough of this song when it decides to play itself during this time. It's just intoxicating, I guess would be the word I'm looking for.

So for Solve Unamusement post number 204, I shall give you a few of my found really quickly favorites.

Orchestra Style

This one was the first to catch my eye and ear, the typical version most people hear done brilliantly with a live orchestra. I honestly wish I had seen this show, the Celtic Women sound awesome.

Rock It

Be honest, that was freaking awesome! I'm loving this song more and more as I see more versions of it. How are you doing, readers? Solve Unamusement find you the only Christmas song that is tolerable or, perhaps, the most annoying and overly used?

Techno Style

I head that one and just had no choice but to put this here. Techno Christmas is the new best Christmas thing, ever. I'm tempted to find techno remixes of some other favorites, as well. Come to think on it, tempted is not the word. The word is GOING to find other Christmas favorites in techno mixes.

Christmas posts will be broken up, with it being the 22nd and Christmas on the 25th. Expect more Christmas type posts for the next few/couple of days. And yes, I did avoid that horrible meme because I don't like memes but not including it does sorta defeat the purpose of the compilation so here.

Potty Humor

No one is above it.

(Click To Enlarge in New Window)

Southern Fried Rabbit

Another Bugs Bunny cartoon that is [sorta] racist. In my opinion the supposed "racist scene" isn't all that bad. Especially compared to every cartoon from the 1940s.

Some of my favorite gags within the cartoon are that with the bomb and the southern bell. The bomb is very "saw it coming" as Yosemite Sam, the villain in this cartoon, runs to avoid bugs from blowing out the bomb. In turn Yosemite runs to far and ends up not making it back to where he wishes to toss said bomb and blows himself up.

Southern Fried Rabbit

"He's not in here. He's not in here."

The southern bell gag was just hilarious, in my honest opinion. A great excuse to get Bugs cross dressing, which is never not funny, and to have Yosemite go gay for him, also always funny.

Perfect Balance (Two 4 1)

One of those "easy to play difficult to master" games, I give you Perfect Balance (2). Yes, there is a first one and a second one. There may be a third but I did not bother to check.

Each game is very simple to play and only requires your mouse to do so. The premise is very simple, as well. Generally, these games are puzzle games and require you to do as the game title says. You need to reach each pieces prefect balance without causing them to tumble down into the abyss below.

You will slowly learn tricks to doing this and each puzzle can be solved several ways, which is part of the fun. Some may seem easy to people because of a certain way people view things. I, for one, found several to be very difficult but at the same time there were many that just seemed silly to be so high a level and point value.

  • Mouse - Used to drag and drop pieces
  • A - Used to rotate pieces clockwise(?)
  • D - Used to rotate pieces counter-clockwise
  • R - Used to rest/retry

Pefect Balance

Perfect Balance 2

Legend of Neil (Suggested)

Little, okay a lot, late on having this suggested to me. It was offered up by Lur after posting how antisocial Link was. That post shows how Link, from the Zelda games, is a total prick and hates people. This vid shows what happens when a real life prick who hates people takes over the shoes of the little fairy folk.

Ledgend of Neil Ep 1

Watch Here, Also

The second season ended and the third is ready for action. They are looking for fan donations and purchase of the merchandise. Solve Unamusement doesn't promote spending money but helping them out if you've the cash would be nice for us all. Remember, more Neil means more amusements in the future.

Weird Al Time!

Well, sense I tossed Ray Stevens at you folks, it only makes sense to throw Weird Al at you too. It was Weird Al who, personally, got me into "humorous music" and now leads me all the way to artists like Steven Lynch and oldies like Frank Zappa.

Got questions who those people are or about those funny/humorous songs, then drop a comment here or on the suggestions and I'll bring them to Solve Unamusement with little need to question. They are all amusements, after all. Or you could find them for yourselves, no harm in that either.

Weird Al - Hey Ricky

Weird Al Playlist

They Call Him The Streak!

A little Ray Stevens for the uninitiated, playing on an original 45 record. It's a comical song with zero seriousness to it, but Ray Stevens isn't known best for that.

Ray Stevens - The Streak

First time I heard this was on the radio back when I was a kid, then my mother went and found me a CD which had a few of Ray Stevens' classics on it. Another of these was "Me Again Margret" which I will happily post for you, as well.

Ray Stevens - It's Me Again Margret

Possibly the original music video, but I am not sure.



Invader Zim has to be one of the most awesome shows that ever showed on Cartoon Network. It was later banned after some hidden "bloody images" of Gir. That is not the topic for this, however. The topic for this post is that I could not find an embedded full version of the shows opening or at least none that were in English.

Several were linkable, and one such is available in the playlist I shall link near the bottom. There was a couple/few fan made ones but only one that I liked so just gave up and decided to embed that one, instead.

InvaderZIM Fan Made Intro

This Contains Cartoons Original Theme Music

Incomplete Season(s) on YouTube

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Brian's Guide

Brian's Guide is a silly little online fake guide to everything that is. Each panel is available to view and there are a lot of them. It's a very simple site but there's a lot to it, on the main scale.

Brian's Guide

Not much more to add besides stealing the comics and posting them directly to Solve Unamusement. As that's not cool behavior, this shall just be a very small post.

Jim Carrey Christmas

Doing this has been on my list for awhile, not a long while, and should be done now that Christmas is so close.

Yes, it's "Scrooge again" but this was done so well that it was worth the view. 3d is the only thing to get me, personally, back into theaters anyway. It's a nice, possible gimmick, but it's guiding people back to the theaters once again.

Jim Carrey in "A Christmas Carol" was so well done that I wasn't even fully aware that the story had been done before. The graphics and animation were great and you get exactly what you expect plus more.

Comedy in the movie is grand as well as the action and small bits of not forced romance. Everything fits well and the death sceen with spirit three had to be one of the best in the whole movie.

Teaser Trailer

Official Trailer

I will note that I honestly don't think the film is worth owning or even renting. It was a see in theaters only film and has honestly no replay value past your first viewing.

Neuroticfish Redoes It

"They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!" redone by a hard rock(is) band called "Neuroticfish". While like most bands, it eventually broke and the only thing that remains is it's music.

They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! : Neuroticfish

Not much else to say on the subject but that they need a new name. Why do rock bands, especially metal bands, insist on such horrible names? I suppose that is a topic for another day but if you wish to answer this question now, I'd not be upset on the matter.

Napoleon XIV

An oldie but goodie, has to be some of the songs by Napoleon XIV.

Wiki Says:
Napoleon XIV was the pseudonym of American singer-songwriter and record producer Jerry Samuels (born 03 May 1938, New York), who achieved one-hit wonder status with the Top 5 hit novelty song "They're Coming to Take Me Away Ha-Haaa!" in 1966.
The problem with this is that it isn't exactly accurate. As there is actually a female in his group, who sings songs that go along with the hit "They're Coming to Take Me Away Ha-Haaa!". It doesn't matter and I could be incorrect. Here is the combination of songs that is "They're Coming to Take Me Away Ha-Haaa!" as well as it's accompanying storyline.

Nepoleon XIV

Random One Liners

A Finnish friend of mind links me to an odd Finnish site which has some things that are either in English or don't have any words to them and are funny anyway. Again, a good chunk of the site is in Finnish and it's a bit NSFW at times, but it could be a lot worse. I'd give credit to the original cartoonist but I can't seem to find/her. If anyone can/could, I would appreciate that.

Holy Not Getting Any Sleep, Batman!

Once again, my sleep cycle is all over the place. With having the amount of time I do and the situations that are presented, sometimes sleep is missed. By missed, I don't mean like I'm sorry that we parted but more like I forgot to pick it up at the airport.

No big deal, it just means that blog posts are not going to be scheduled as often as they were being. This one, however, is a scheduled post.

As for actual blog news:

Grateful for my readers and their suggestions. I recently updated the suggestion thread to show all the threads that were given to me as a suggestion. Some of those are direct suggestions to Solve Unamusement or for my blog and others are not. If you noticed something you suggested not on the list, please inform me.

Otherwise, all is well and Solve Unamusement is moving well and fast. Might need to check some font sizes, however, as I saw they look a bit funny on other screens then mind. Please inform of this, as well.

As always, many thanks and keep reading.

Interactive Fiction

Also known as iFiction or just IF, there is a odd little gaming community out there that needs be pointed too. Generally, these games play like a storybook, choose your own adventure.

Some early examples would be zork I, II and III these games are nothing but that of IF and only require you to spell simple works and understand simple concepts.

Such games are usually lacking in graphics and usually play like reading a single player mud. However, such games have a lot better story then a mud, and don't require you to trust others around you.

Some of the mechanics I found on simple explanation sites made it sound similar to emulation, but that is only the case when actually dealing with DOS games. Most seem to be broken into two parts.

One part of the game is the actual game and the other is it's personal OS. Each game has to run on multiple operating systems and separating the run sequences from the game itself makes sure that more people play them.

This is due to the size of IF community itself.

A flash based, IF that was directly suggested to myself for its simplicity, shortness and general noob friendly attitude of it can be found here and in the side bar. the side bar link is located under individual flash games, although that is technically not correct.

Warning: These things require you know how to read and spell.

Racist Rabbit

A 1940's cartoon that was banned from the television for racism. The racism is very obvious with the one character being a horrible stereotype beyond an understanding for even the 1940's but the cartoon itself is just mediocre.

Several of the jokes are done several times and could have been done better. One of those being the "Sucker", which is done something around four times. An alternative, which has gotten other cartoons banned but as this one was banned anyway, would be the "jackass" image.

Souther Fried Rabbit

While I understand why it was banned, the cartoon isn't that funny. Yes, it is worth a chuckle and yes it's horribly racist on many levels. However, labeling the youtube video racist and racism absurd. I think "Banned" or "Banned from TV" would have done very well.

The Annoying Orange

Really, that title says everything there is. It's a funny little animated series about an irritating little orange that likes to harass his fellow produce. I'm sure we've all met that annoying guy. If you were my case, that was you and you enjoyed being irritating every second of the day.

Right now the series is on it's third show and each one is, in my opinion, at least worth a quick chuckle. Here, check a look at the playlist for it.

The Annoying Orange Series

"Hey Apple"
"Oh geeze, I tried to warn you."

Daft Punk vs... Again

Why again? Cause Daft Punk is awesome and mixes with almost everything. There is a reason why they don't make music and people still know who they are. Daft Punk is like The Beatles of techno. Not the first to do it, by any means, but the first to do it so well that they last for years on the popularity toll. Not to mention that nerd cred lets you live forever.

Now, one of these I honestly wanted to wait because I wanted to highlight the vs mix partner, and did. The problem is that I found so many good Daft Punk remixes that I forgot to list some or they were lost under other future Solve Unamusement amusement listings.

Well, here they are, hope you like them as I did.

VS The Beastie Boys

VS Justice

An American Icon

Captain America, that's right people. One of the lamest most awesome characters to ever be about. Why I say lamest and most awesome? Because Captain America has the dumbest concept of all the heroes I've seen.

Some random dude gets random serum and becomes super soldier, which gets named for being a pinnacle of American technology. The worlds fist super soldier of fortune, that then became a mercenary, more then anything. Like all the great comic book heroes, he's lived and died and then not really died but only been in some awkward place in order to live and save the world again.

Let's give Captain America a salute for being so epically awesome and lame at the same time. Although, he is probably one of the first to coin this horribly now abused stereotype. Then again, I'd not be shocked if he wasn't.

Armstrong Holds A Joke, For Years

The joke of the day at Joke Warehouse claims this next bit of text to be a true story. True story or not, it's funny.

Neil Armstrong Secret Revealed

On July 20, 1969, as commander of the Apollo 11 Lunar Module, Neil Armstrong was the first person to set foot on the moon.

His first words after stepping on the moon, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind," were televised to Earth and heard by millions.

But just before he re-entered the lander, Neil made the enigmatic remark, "Good luck, Mr. Gorsky.'

Many people at NASA thought it was a casual remark concerning some rival Soviet Cosmonaut. However, upon checking, there was no Gorsky in either the Russian or American space programs.

Over the years many people questioned Armstrong as to what the "Good Luck, Mr. Gorsky" statement meant, but Armstrong always just smiled.

On July 5, 1995, in Tampa Bay , Florida, while answering questions following a speech, a reporter brought up the 26 year-old question to Armstrong. This time he finally responded. Mr. Gorsky had died, so Neil Armstrong felt he could now answer the question.

In 1938, When Neil was a kid in a small mid-west town, he was playing baseball with a friend in the backyard. His friend hit the ball, which landed in the neighbor's yard by their bedroom window.

His neighbors were Mr. And Mrs. Gorsky.

As He Leaned Down To Pick Up The Ball, Young Armstrong heard Mrs. Gorsky Shouting At Mr. Gorsky. "Sex, You Want Sex Now?! You'll Get Sex When The Kid Next Door Walks On The Moon!'

No, there was no checking of sources. This is a funny joke be it real or fake. I hope you enjoyed it's humor.

Something Calm (The Happy Sea)

Not exactly sure where this was found, although I think it was one of the sites/blogs that Strictlyb Bangers has as an affiliate. It was found during a random bordom and blog search, which is done every so often.

Colleen - The Happy Sea

Nothing much more to add except that this is very nice. Good for meditation and stuff of that nature if that is your deal. Great for sleeping, if you're not afraid of leaving the PC on, or can find the mp3.

Dough for the Do-Do

For me, this was the first time I had seen the Looney that ws Tuned, Do-Do. He's a brilliantly absurd creature living in a land of odd literals and backward logic.

While it is a remake of an older 1940's cartoon, Dough for the Do-Do is a great intro to the awesome that was and always will be Do-Do and Wacky land. It is also one of the best Looney Tune episodes with Porky Pig.

Dough for the Do-Do

Hope that is a nice diversion from the MMO nonsense. However it shall be returned too, eventually, once enough time has been spent on the game.


Quests (Shaiya Part 3)

The quest and questing system in Shaiya has been seen before. If anyone has played an MMO within the last five years knows how this works. You pick a person and, at first, you are interested in the story they are trying to weave. How mad these NPCs are that someone went and smashed up their food cart and now you need to get revenge on the beasties that did it. That sounds fun and good until the NPC drops, "Now go kill X amount of Y and come back for something special."

It's a good and easy way to get "free" experience but I feel as though the quests, if not doing them for items, worthless. The experience and gold given seem a bit weak, especially for the first bit of time. While I have played a few that had you leveling fast and throwing gold at you, those mostly had you spending your gold just to upgrade your skills, this seems a bit slow.

Why is that? Mainly because stopping in a field of monsters who are just a bit higher level then you who don't aggro and mopping them up isn't difficult. Finding such fields of weak willed mobs at anything under level 15 is common for most MMOs but it distracts from the fun.

Personally, I feel the quest system works but needs either more reward or less work. The game isn't charging me to play it so it shouldn't be trying to make me play it. While I do understand that the point of Aeria's games is to get you to actually buy items, it is quickly apparent that it REALLY WANTS YOU to do this.

On another note, leveling feels very slow. This is, however, probably because I refuse to spend more then a few hours playing every couple of days.

A Few Hours (Shaiya Prt 2)

This post is simple and easy to understand. What does Shaiya have to give you after that first bit of "OOh look how pretty"? The raw tax of it is that it doesn't. Shaiya is very quickly just like every other MMO that is out there. You spawn near an NPC that wants to give you a quest about killing some monsters and then he gives you gold and experience.

It's a wonderful not broken formula that tricks all of us into playing these games even though we know it's just the same stuff that's been done before. Some things that made me happy is that, while the classes and races were similar, they didn't really matter. What side you have characters on makes zero difference unless you have friends on "the other side". It's the exact same game, at least so far, on both sides of the fence with only a difference in feel.

That feel that I mention, however, is brilliant! Each "side" of the torn in two world has it's own feel and magic to it. The "light side" of human and elf is cheery and clean with it's neat government types and tall sparkling spires. While the "dark side" is more gritty and broken down with its tyrannical type feel and it's Vail and The Nordein races. Each side keeps with it's color tone and general thought/feel which is very cool when you think on it.

Character creation isn't the most involved and detailed as I have seen in others (Like Perfect World) but the intro to the game is just wonderfully done and, again, keeps the feel for each side very well.

Shaiya Fan Made Intro

For being what I've seen before, this is looking very fun. After all, I didn't even realize I had spent three plus hours playing the first time I started.

First Impressions (Shaiya)

Before anyone plays anything that has the commitment level that an MMORPG has, one should at least check out the things it has to offer. Such a thing was done with Shaiya and here are my initial thoughts on the game.

These are all preplay thoughts and based strictly on what information can be obtained about the game. This should be noted

One of the first things smart people will notice is that if they check out any gameplay vids is that this, like so many, are trying to be WoW without being WoW. I feel this was done poorly as it looks exactly like WoW. Though that is not a bad thing and from past experience such an interface works very well, it's still a bit "been there done that".

The second thing that would be noticed is that the game is very stylized and puts a bit of emphasis on how cool skills look. This is a great thing, especially sense these skills will be used over and over again. You want something flashy that'll keep people amused while they repeat the same behaviors for months on end.

But the real thing that will catch most of you and trick your brain into play this is that there is balance with counterbalance and still imbalance. Now, this makes ZERO sense when I say it like that but let me explain.

The world is broken into two sides, a "light" and a "dark". This is more a Eastside vs Westside type of deal then having to do with anything involving actual good vs evil. Each side has two races which work similar to the other two races but, at the same time, do not. One side is magic based, using more MP then SP while the other is flipped. Both sides have the exact same classes, from mage to healer to assassin and ranger, to tank and puller... they are all there. What does change things isn't how they play but more in how they seem to play. (Remember these are all preplay thoughts).

FINALLY, I just want to post the games trailor. A note that this isn't actual gameplay but more a showcase of how the classes, races and two sides play part.

Shaiya Theatrical Trailer

There is also a very interesting story behind how/why the world is in two pieces but it's not very important unless you are one for actually Roleplaying while playing an MMORPG.

MMO Community (Aeria Games) games

There has actually been the intended post on this subject for sometime, as their concept of a huge online community stretched over many free games is an amusement in itself. Area Games was and is, as far as I'm concerned, the best place for Free To Play MMO games. There are multiple options with Dream of Mirror Online being one of it's first "real successes", at least from what I am aware of.

The community consists of sixteen different MMOs which, together, is enough to keep anyone involved in at least one of the said sixteen. They are mostly very "WoW like" but that doesn't stop them from being any good.

There will be a personal delve into one that was suggested by Sandy, a reader of Solve Unamusements. This game being one that has been running sense 2007 and now has a good amount of players to not be over crowded and annoying and not be naked. That game being Shaiya.

A few of the next blog posts will be covering this game from the first impressions to the first few hours of gameplay and then later on, perhaps a break to allow my own time with the game and other blog posts to commence.

One final note on what keeps the games free to play is their "system". If it is wished people may pay for individual perks, items, etc. It's nothing great and doesn't usually alter things to much but provides a nice steady income that allows the developers to still technically offer a free MMO to be played.

Aeria Games



What, you were expecting something more? Or perhaps you aren't in the US? Okay, then I'll get you something because you and me are friends. The rest of you, go eat your food and get fat like good little Americans. I'm not even hear, I'm doing that. Getting fat and happy like a good American should.

Right, other people want something now. How about something still thanksgiving related? So everyone loves Thanksgiving, except for the turkey.

Thanksgiving Song

Set My Baby Free

This has been stuck in my head for awhile, off and on, so I decided to jump it's ship and "assumed post date" for now. It's a nice techno song some of you might enjoy.

Said he was man
What did he know?
Spent his time living in a casino
Never know
Couldn't get away, couldn't ever get it anyway
Couldn't ever level 'cause he's living like a devil
Hey you ugly people
I want you to set my baby free
Hey people
Set my baby free
Came upon a man
In tune with his libido
Took another's wife
To help him get to sleep
Couldn't get away, couldn't ever get it anyway
Couldn't ever level cause he's living like a devil
Hey you ugly people
I want you to set my baby free

Set my Baby Free by Ian Brown

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, lets see what special thing I come up for that day, shall we?

Find A Collection

Rather, start your own. Find something interesting and start snatching these things up for no other reason just to have more of them. Collecting, no matter what it might be, is a great hobby and time waster. Personally, I've gone through several renditions myself.

At one point it was Pokemon, another Yu-Gi-Oh and then it was clocks. Yes, clocks. At a certain time in my life there was a hyper infatuation with time and the need to keep it. However, now I've lost that urge. Not just for clocks but for collecting.

Or so I had thought....

It wasn't but a few minutes ago that I realized I'm still collecting. Now, however, I'm collecting worthless internet stuff and slamming it against this thing called a "blog". How horribly awesome is that!?

Short of this. Collections, got them? Share them. While your at it, check out some other Solve Unamusement Hobbies.

Uber Chameleon (Last Ugly Ovrload)

This final one from Ugly Overload is a bit "iffy" in my honest opinion. This is a chameleon that can change it's colors to that of neon shades and even outright black.

While I am not a biologist and do not know the inner workings of this creature I still wish to scream "shenanigans" as the video continues and continues to play. Either way, it's amusing with it's music and topic of choice. If a real chameleon then that is very cool and I'd think rare. If it is altered then that is still cool because it was well done.

Uber Chameleon

HD video

I suppose it is now up to the rest of you. Is this a load of bologna or a really cool trick taught to a well liked lizard with a lightning quick tongue? My vote is going to be the former but mostly because I'm a "glass half empty" kind of guy.

Mind Control Fungi (More Ugly Overload)

This is another from Ugly Overload that needed to be shared. The original poster said it best "One more reason to not be an insect" but this is beyond awesome and deserves to be pasted about and shared.

The fungus is species specific and only targets one type of insect, which is a bit odd. It does, according to the video, keep things balanced in the ecosystem but still seems very weird. This is similar to the Zombie Cockroach but more along the lines of more brutal. Which is worse, though? Being completly aware but unable to do anything (Insects in video here) or being killed only to not be exactly dead?

Cordyceps Fungus

It's even in HD

Look At It! (Ugly Overload)

Blogs of note has handed something interesting and because of such, it was dug and skimmed through. Ugly Overload is an interesting blog with a very simple premise. Find the ugly, gross and flat out weird that mother has to offer.

Of course this was one big eyebrow raised and a full years worth of blog posts were searched through, and blog subscribed to. While doing this, however, I noted some old posts I just made an extra note worth giving. However, after looking through so many I have missed what posts went to which videos and decided to simply give a general credit to where/how the videos where found.

Unless you feel like digging yourself, I'm going to post some of the vids, here, over the next couple of days.

Zombie Cockroach

One of the first posts to 100% catch my eye and almost require that I re-post and redirect. The whole thought just made me stop and think a moment or two. It is a rather cool concept, although I am not sure why such a drug would be needed or helpful.

Little Bit of Darwin

Heard that the patten on Darwin's Theory of Evolution, which is more along the line of fact then actual theory, was running out slowly and that a few people were going to go a bit ass-backward and special with it. However, I decided to voice my "qualms" with this behavior by posting a bit MORE Nerdcore. Yes, this is what you would call a "kick".

Listen to some more epic that is MC Frontalot and while you are it, if you possibly agree with what I am implying then why not check out the link provided?

The Don't Diss Darwin Insitute

MC Frontalot - Origin Of Species

Just in case it was missed, this song is done in satire. If you wish, you may view the vid on youtube itself as the poster has provided the lyrics, if you can not see them on the video itself. It's an amusing hands off approach to asking people to leave your stuff alone and not be so aggressive.

Remember Folks: Keep off other people's lawns.

Bizzaro Genius Baby

A little more from MC Frontalot for all of you who are enjoying such things. This has an actual music video, actually it's a cartoon similar to Dexter's lab. It's a funny story with MC Frontalot's tone and movement. Nerdcore is what it is and nothing here to do but enjoy what we got.

I had a dream that I fathered a bizarro genius baby.
She’s out the womb like, “Dood, why’d I get expatriated?”
Debated at one month the finer points of a diaper,
devised a device composed of a hose and a windshield wiper.
Grew riper in intellect as the months passed, wore a dunce cap ironically,
got fussy once and she summoned me not sonically
but through a series of editorials that she authored,
entitled: “Is MC Frontalot One Of The Worst Fathers?”
Oxford, Stanford, Harvard called, she didn’t call them back.
“Tuition & Housing? I’m holding out for a tenure track.”
Distracted by her first birthday party, I hardly noticed
she’d brought peace to the middle east or at least a cease-fire with the POTUS.
And no dust had settled when she’d disproved Fermat
by finding A^3 + B^3 that = C^3 and her sadness
at throwing the field into disarray got assuaged
by a brand new rattle and a mint parfait.

MC Frontalot - Bizarro Genius Baby

MC Frontalot likes Goth Girls (MC Chris likes Candy)

A little more Nerdcore with a lot less profanity. Let's get awkward and creepy with MC Frontalot's "Goth Girls". Also, while we are at it, let us give MC Chris a quick look (MC PeePants to anyone who has seen ATHF and the voice of Brak also, I believe.) and see how he feels about white kids.

MC Frontalot - Goth Girls

MC Christ - White Kids Love Hip-Hop

Super Mario Rap

Firstly, I'm putting a language warning for anyone offended by anything. Secondly I need to point out that Super Mario All Stars was one of the best games on the SNES. Thirdly, there needs to be a note made that this, while being rap, is very amusing.

Super Mario Rap by Benefit is great for all the Nerdcore people out there. It is also great for anyone who are not exactly sure what I'm talking about when I say "Nerdcore" but did play at least one Mario game or at least knew someone who has played it and listened to the complaints.

Super Mario Rap - Benefit

More Tim Minchin

Another one by Tim Minchin but this time it's a bit more assertive and may, perhaps, annoy a few people. I honestly do not think it with bother any who actually read this but there is no telling. Please mind the technically coarse language in this and the next blog post.

Tim Minchin: Storm

I personally enjoy the comment about homeopathic medicine that has been proven to work being only called medicine. Another thing I found funny was the word "faith" being linked together with the word "science" but that's "Storms" words more then anything.

Daft Punk Vs

A couple of very cool remixes that involve some of Daft Punk's popular music. One of those being "Technologic" and the other "Around The World". The latter being more of a bit part, as it should be, and the former being enhanced very well by one of Benny Benassi.

Daft Punk Vs Fatboy Slim

Daft Punk vs Benny Benassi

Creepy Wonka

Most have seen the movie others have read the book but a certain part of Willy Wonka, or Charlie or whoever's chocolate factory it was, always rang well within my mind. That song being one that was actually in both the book and the movie and it is the "Tunnel Song", as it has no real name that I could find.

Here is it's lyrics and the scene cut from the first movie, as it sis not in the second. It is one of my favorites, hope you enjoy.

There's no earthly way of knowing,
Which direction we are going!
There's no knowing where we're rowing,
Or which way they river's flowing!
Is it raining? Is it snowing?
Is a hurricane a-blowing?
Bah! Not a speck of light is showing,
So the danger must be growing,
Are the fires of hell a-blowing?
Is the grizzly reaper mowing?
Yes! The danger must be growing,
For the rowers keep on rowing,
And they're certainly not showing,
Any signs that they are slowing.

Scene From The Movie


A couple of videos featuring some good music that are either directly using or referencing Alice in Wonderland.

White Rabbit


Just something a bit special and trippy for today. I do hope those where enjoyed.

Tim Minchin

This was sent to me during an internet annoyance that one might all an "IRC chat room". It is a good location to search for amusements and irritation at the same time.

Tim Minchin, is a London living self proclaimed nerd-rocker. His music/songs are well done and he plays the piano. This was one of my personal favorites along with related videos after the fact.

Tim Minchin: Rock n Roll Nerd

My only problem with these, and others, are they are live shows and live shows do not translate to well onto the internet. However, if he ever happens to be anywhere near my location I might give a listen in.

Shard's Photos

Who remembers Shard's Shard? If you do not, then check the link and come back. Excellent writing, yes?

While Shard is a well written individual she is also skilled with her camera. Now, on a personal note, I usually find the "art" of photography a bit of a cop out, so to speak, but I do honestly feel that Shard, and a couple others, do it rather well.

Photo Prep by Shard-Chan

This image is well done, in my opinion. I rather like it and a good chunk of her photography. Check it out, no harm comes from doing as such.

Shard-Chan on devianART

Personal Flair (The Inhabitant)

Something of a slight personal amusement. A very short story, at least part of it, that I wrote awhile ago. Nothing grand but at least it is worth the read if you do not mind the vague imagery and slight line cross near the end.

The Inhabitant

Welcome to a room, a room with no true windows or even a door; a room that is slit on its walls to allow view to the outside, but not in, a tiny room with only one inhabitant. This room is really a cage and its one inhabitant has been inside it sense before its own creation. The inhabitant, within this caged room is a dirty foul thing. Covered in sores and boils, it is an inhuman creature, this inhabitant. The disgusting thing gurgles and burps as it tries to communicate with those around it, but the cage lets out no sound.

This story is not about the beast that remains in its cage, but rather the woman he watches. Each day, he stares out with his brown puss covered eyes to see a being of grace and beauty glides across the ground that can not be seen. It is if the woman can fly as her long gown of purples and blues runes along the ground. Long black hairs almost reaching the ground, the colors of her clothes seem unimportant to the steady blackness of her hair.

Once in a time, even her eyes and face can be seen. It is rare that the woman look toward the cage but, on occasion, it appears as if a glance is exchanged. The brown puss filled monster eyes meeting the deep black and southing of the woman's. It is heaven for the beast for only a second but it is enough to keep him calm inside the cage. The woman moves on, she has seen nothing.

The full story may be found here, on my deviantART.

Not Really A Game (Facade)

A game that is not really a game but, rather, a simulation of people noise. Noise, by my personal definition, is anything that can or will lead to an argument. However, the fun with this is that there are no real repercussions for causing strife for the couple.

You play, yourself, who is a long friend of the couple. Known them sense college but have not seen them sense. You are invited to a party, of sorts, that is being hosted in the couples apartment. Eventually they start to argue and sorta ask for help on how to fix their relationship.

Facade Game Trailer

My personal problem with the game is that it is delayed and a bit non-responsive. The "AI" isn't as suggested and the couple only responds to a few words and hardly in context. Good for about a day or two but worth the "lulz" if you are into that sort of thing.

Dexter's Ego Trip (Dexter's Lab Final)

Dexter's Lab was finally made into a full movie, which can be found online, with the subtitle of "Ego Trip". The general thought behind this is time travel and Dexter helping himself in several different time zones.

There is normal Dexter, teenage looser Dexter, awesome super human Dexter and Grandpa Dexter. The latter of those has to be the funniest and most memorable with quotes like the following.

"I'm not grandpa!" (In response to Dee Dee)
"Okay, Billy." (In response to teenage Dexter)

Another gad that gets run very well is the fact that Grandpa Dexter is stuck with his walker. Moving at a snails pace to everyone else sprints or runs. At one point, however, he does surprise everyone with something interesting but I will not spoil this.

Dexter's Lab: Ego Trip Prt 1

Full Movie Playlist

Back To The Lab Again (Dexter's Labratory Cont)

While the show was popular it got it's fair share of attention and understanding but one of the most intriguing was a mild hip-hop song with the title "Back To The Lab Again". It would run, rather randomly, as a commercial or place filler on Cartoon Network.

It's a bit repetitive and can, like a couple posts back, get stuck in your head if you let it. While it may also not be "for everyone" it is rather "kiddy", but it's based on a cartoon so that can be given pass.

Back To The Lab Again

It's kinda cool, right?

Dexter's Laboratory

Dexter's Lab was one of the best shows on Cartoon Network for a long stretch of time. It was a very clever show written around, or about, a boy genius and his idiot family. This was with the exception of his mother who showed clear signs of herself being of sound intelligence but instead chose to apply herself differently.

The intro to the show was very well done. It was short, had a really good tune and was funny, at least the first time. It has Dee-Dee, Dester's sibling, doing her usual deal of invading the lab and messing with Dexter's head. In the end of it, she blinds him.

Dexter's Lab: Intro

One of my personal favorite episodes was titled "Labels" but a search and find, without having to upload it oneself, has proved a bit fruitless. Actually, other then download, finding full episodes that have not been "pooped" is a chore in itself.

Not Silly Song!

Now we shall counterpart the annoyance I might have give you the past couple of days with an acquired taste. A personal favorite, here, at Solve Unamusement is Tool and one of their songs that is a favorite would be Ænema.

The song is a filled with a lot of rage, which is contradictory to most of what is on site, that describes the band's, or at least the song writer's, view of L.A. Personally, I feel it applies to a good majority of the U.S. or even the commercialized world.

Ænema - Tool

Video might need some time to load.

Have an amusement you'd wish to share? Why not check out the suggestion link and give the idea out. Who knows, it might get on site. Suggestions that end up on site are placed there, as well.

Suggestions page might need updating as of this post write up.

Continuing The Rampage (Silly Songs 2)

This isn't so much about silly songs but, now, about songs that simply get stuck in your head for hours and hours on end. In that case, I have found a few which those around, may enjoy taking turns washing your mind with.

Don't Worry Be Happy

While this song might still fit along the side of "silly", I'd have to admit to this song imprinting itself on at least my own brain. I do wish you luck on removing it, yourself.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Two hours from now, you'll be humming this song and forget where you even heard it today. For extra silly awesomeness, I've included the hippo and dog version.

I believe the reason that most of these songs stick in your head is because of a catchy and easy to remember chorus. We all must admit that it is the chorus that we get stuck in our head and almost never remember the rest of the song.

Silly Song Rampage!

Because this was not an automated post and I need to sleep this post shall simply be a couple of my favorite silly songs. One being bout the The Flying Purple People Eater and the other being The Witch Doctor.

The first is rather clever, Flying Purple People Eater, and all kinds of merchendise for it. I shall look for the movie, not the Alvin and The Chipmuks meet the Purple People Eater but there is an actual live action movie, soon enough to see if that too stands up to time.

Beware, these songs might get stuck in your head for days.

Flying Purple People Eater

Witch Doctor

Hope you enjoyed that.

Google AdSense (Blog News)

Some of you may have noticed the small, or possibly big, change to Solve Unamusement in the notice of advertisements. While I have been fighting doing this for awhile there isn't really a reason why there can't be something small on the site that might help me earn a buck, eventually, for the work/effort that was put into the thing.

The only problem is that I have to, personally, remove/disable add-block features in order to view the streamline and tolerance of this feature. Each time I do this, I have to massivly update and edit the ads that are about on Solve Unamusement.

What will probably happen, even before this post is published, is a couple customized one made specifically for Solve Unamusement which will be placed in areas that most people either wont see, which defeats their purpose, or in a place at least where it is not distracting away from the blog as a whole.

Desperately looking for feedback on this, thank you!

On another note, I have been pondering with the idea of expanding old(er) posts with new content. Revisiting, similar to how I post random things for the "Irrelevant Pic", old blog posts and providing with new/similar content for them.

Feedback would be nice but not needed

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