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The Dudel Journal

Racist Rabbit

A 1940's cartoon that was banned from the television for racism. The racism is very obvious with the one character being a horrible stereotype beyond an understanding for even the 1940's but the cartoon itself is just mediocre.

Several of the jokes are done several times and could have been done better. One of those being the "Sucker", which is done something around four times. An alternative, which has gotten other cartoons banned but as this one was banned anyway, would be the "jackass" image.

Souther Fried Rabbit

While I understand why it was banned, the cartoon isn't that funny. Yes, it is worth a chuckle and yes it's horribly racist on many levels. However, labeling the youtube video racist and racism absurd. I think "Banned" or "Banned from TV" would have done very well.


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