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An American Icon

Captain America, that's right people. One of the lamest most awesome characters to ever be about. Why I say lamest and most awesome? Because Captain America has the dumbest concept of all the heroes I've seen.

Some random dude gets random serum and becomes super soldier, which gets named for being a pinnacle of American technology. The worlds fist super soldier of fortune, that then became a mercenary, more then anything. Like all the great comic book heroes, he's lived and died and then not really died but only been in some awkward place in order to live and save the world again.

Let's give Captain America a salute for being so epically awesome and lame at the same time. Although, he is probably one of the first to coin this horribly now abused stereotype. Then again, I'd not be shocked if he wasn't.

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bagalagalaga said...

Appreciate you elders, son, we never would have won WWII if Captain America hadn't punched Hitler right in the face.

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