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First Impressions (Shaiya)

Before anyone plays anything that has the commitment level that an MMORPG has, one should at least check out the things it has to offer. Such a thing was done with Shaiya and here are my initial thoughts on the game.

These are all preplay thoughts and based strictly on what information can be obtained about the game. This should be noted

One of the first things smart people will notice is that if they check out any gameplay vids is that this, like so many, are trying to be WoW without being WoW. I feel this was done poorly as it looks exactly like WoW. Though that is not a bad thing and from past experience such an interface works very well, it's still a bit "been there done that".

The second thing that would be noticed is that the game is very stylized and puts a bit of emphasis on how cool skills look. This is a great thing, especially sense these skills will be used over and over again. You want something flashy that'll keep people amused while they repeat the same behaviors for months on end.

But the real thing that will catch most of you and trick your brain into play this is that there is balance with counterbalance and still imbalance. Now, this makes ZERO sense when I say it like that but let me explain.

The world is broken into two sides, a "light" and a "dark". This is more a Eastside vs Westside type of deal then having to do with anything involving actual good vs evil. Each side has two races which work similar to the other two races but, at the same time, do not. One side is magic based, using more MP then SP while the other is flipped. Both sides have the exact same classes, from mage to healer to assassin and ranger, to tank and puller... they are all there. What does change things isn't how they play but more in how they seem to play. (Remember these are all preplay thoughts).

FINALLY, I just want to post the games trailor. A note that this isn't actual gameplay but more a showcase of how the classes, races and two sides play part.

Shaiya Theatrical Trailer

There is also a very interesting story behind how/why the world is in two pieces but it's not very important unless you are one for actually Roleplaying while playing an MMORPG.


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