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Jim Carrey Christmas

Doing this has been on my list for awhile, not a long while, and should be done now that Christmas is so close.

Yes, it's "Scrooge again" but this was done so well that it was worth the view. 3d is the only thing to get me, personally, back into theaters anyway. It's a nice, possible gimmick, but it's guiding people back to the theaters once again.

Jim Carrey in "A Christmas Carol" was so well done that I wasn't even fully aware that the story had been done before. The graphics and animation were great and you get exactly what you expect plus more.

Comedy in the movie is grand as well as the action and small bits of not forced romance. Everything fits well and the death sceen with spirit three had to be one of the best in the whole movie.

Teaser Trailer

Official Trailer

I will note that I honestly don't think the film is worth owning or even renting. It was a see in theaters only film and has honestly no replay value past your first viewing.


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