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A Few Hours (Shaiya Prt 2)

This post is simple and easy to understand. What does Shaiya have to give you after that first bit of "OOh look how pretty"? The raw tax of it is that it doesn't. Shaiya is very quickly just like every other MMO that is out there. You spawn near an NPC that wants to give you a quest about killing some monsters and then he gives you gold and experience.

It's a wonderful not broken formula that tricks all of us into playing these games even though we know it's just the same stuff that's been done before. Some things that made me happy is that, while the classes and races were similar, they didn't really matter. What side you have characters on makes zero difference unless you have friends on "the other side". It's the exact same game, at least so far, on both sides of the fence with only a difference in feel.

That feel that I mention, however, is brilliant! Each "side" of the torn in two world has it's own feel and magic to it. The "light side" of human and elf is cheery and clean with it's neat government types and tall sparkling spires. While the "dark side" is more gritty and broken down with its tyrannical type feel and it's Vail and The Nordein races. Each side keeps with it's color tone and general thought/feel which is very cool when you think on it.

Character creation isn't the most involved and detailed as I have seen in others (Like Perfect World) but the intro to the game is just wonderfully done and, again, keeps the feel for each side very well.

Shaiya Fan Made Intro

For being what I've seen before, this is looking very fun. After all, I didn't even realize I had spent three plus hours playing the first time I started.


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