Solve Unamusement: Uber Chameleon (Last Ugly Ovrload)

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Uber Chameleon (Last Ugly Ovrload)

This final one from Ugly Overload is a bit "iffy" in my honest opinion. This is a chameleon that can change it's colors to that of neon shades and even outright black.

While I am not a biologist and do not know the inner workings of this creature I still wish to scream "shenanigans" as the video continues and continues to play. Either way, it's amusing with it's music and topic of choice. If a real chameleon then that is very cool and I'd think rare. If it is altered then that is still cool because it was well done.

Uber Chameleon

HD video

I suppose it is now up to the rest of you. Is this a load of bologna or a really cool trick taught to a well liked lizard with a lightning quick tongue? My vote is going to be the former but mostly because I'm a "glass half empty" kind of guy.

2 Replies:

Hellban said...

It was funny enough until I started listening to the song. Once I started listening, I couldn't stop giggling. It sounds like it's saying Eat My Bear Cub. Oh, and I'm more positive than a preggers test it's fake. Though, I haven't had a positive one of those yet, thankfully, so it was a bad metaphor. You understood, though, right?

Dudel said...

Yes, you were/are understood... I too think it to be fake.

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