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Dexter's Ego Trip (Dexter's Lab Final)

Dexter's Lab was finally made into a full movie, which can be found online, with the subtitle of "Ego Trip". The general thought behind this is time travel and Dexter helping himself in several different time zones.

There is normal Dexter, teenage looser Dexter, awesome super human Dexter and Grandpa Dexter. The latter of those has to be the funniest and most memorable with quotes like the following.

"I'm not grandpa!" (In response to Dee Dee)
"Okay, Billy." (In response to teenage Dexter)

Another gad that gets run very well is the fact that Grandpa Dexter is stuck with his walker. Moving at a snails pace to everyone else sprints or runs. At one point, however, he does surprise everyone with something interesting but I will not spoil this.

Dexter's Lab: Ego Trip Prt 1

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