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The Dudel Journal

Southern Fried Rabbit

Another Bugs Bunny cartoon that is [sorta] racist. In my opinion the supposed "racist scene" isn't all that bad. Especially compared to every cartoon from the 1940s.

Some of my favorite gags within the cartoon are that with the bomb and the southern bell. The bomb is very "saw it coming" as Yosemite Sam, the villain in this cartoon, runs to avoid bugs from blowing out the bomb. In turn Yosemite runs to far and ends up not making it back to where he wishes to toss said bomb and blows himself up.

Southern Fried Rabbit

"He's not in here. He's not in here."

The southern bell gag was just hilarious, in my honest opinion. A great excuse to get Bugs cross dressing, which is never not funny, and to have Yosemite go gay for him, also always funny.


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