Solve Unamusement: Neuroticfish Redoes It

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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Neuroticfish Redoes It

"They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!" redone by a hard rock(is) band called "Neuroticfish". While like most bands, it eventually broke and the only thing that remains is it's music.

They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! : Neuroticfish

Not much else to say on the subject but that they need a new name. Why do rock bands, especially metal bands, insist on such horrible names? I suppose that is a topic for another day but if you wish to answer this question now, I'd not be upset on the matter.


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