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Dexter's Laboratory

Dexter's Lab was one of the best shows on Cartoon Network for a long stretch of time. It was a very clever show written around, or about, a boy genius and his idiot family. This was with the exception of his mother who showed clear signs of herself being of sound intelligence but instead chose to apply herself differently.

The intro to the show was very well done. It was short, had a really good tune and was funny, at least the first time. It has Dee-Dee, Dester's sibling, doing her usual deal of invading the lab and messing with Dexter's head. In the end of it, she blinds him.

Dexter's Lab: Intro

One of my personal favorite episodes was titled "Labels" but a search and find, without having to upload it oneself, has proved a bit fruitless. Actually, other then download, finding full episodes that have not been "pooped" is a chore in itself.

2 Replies:

Anonymous said...

i used to love dexter as well and the powerpuff girls but i cant seem to find the two most amazing games ever!dexters maze and snowboarding for powerpuff girls they were so cool i still wondered what happened to them beacause i cant watch them anymore.

Dudel said...

The games I found information on and might be able to find ROMs, later.

The shows themselves are on Boomerang, last I heard. Too violent for main TV... or something.

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