Solve Unamusement: Continuing The Rampage (Silly Songs 2)

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Continuing The Rampage (Silly Songs 2)

This isn't so much about silly songs but, now, about songs that simply get stuck in your head for hours and hours on end. In that case, I have found a few which those around, may enjoy taking turns washing your mind with.

Don't Worry Be Happy

While this song might still fit along the side of "silly", I'd have to admit to this song imprinting itself on at least my own brain. I do wish you luck on removing it, yourself.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Two hours from now, you'll be humming this song and forget where you even heard it today. For extra silly awesomeness, I've included the hippo and dog version.

I believe the reason that most of these songs stick in your head is because of a catchy and easy to remember chorus. We all must admit that it is the chorus that we get stuck in our head and almost never remember the rest of the song.

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bagalagalaga said...

You bastard, even reading the phrase "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" is enough to get it stuck in my head.

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