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Quests (Shaiya Part 3)

The quest and questing system in Shaiya has been seen before. If anyone has played an MMO within the last five years knows how this works. You pick a person and, at first, you are interested in the story they are trying to weave. How mad these NPCs are that someone went and smashed up their food cart and now you need to get revenge on the beasties that did it. That sounds fun and good until the NPC drops, "Now go kill X amount of Y and come back for something special."

It's a good and easy way to get "free" experience but I feel as though the quests, if not doing them for items, worthless. The experience and gold given seem a bit weak, especially for the first bit of time. While I have played a few that had you leveling fast and throwing gold at you, those mostly had you spending your gold just to upgrade your skills, this seems a bit slow.

Why is that? Mainly because stopping in a field of monsters who are just a bit higher level then you who don't aggro and mopping them up isn't difficult. Finding such fields of weak willed mobs at anything under level 15 is common for most MMOs but it distracts from the fun.

Personally, I feel the quest system works but needs either more reward or less work. The game isn't charging me to play it so it shouldn't be trying to make me play it. While I do understand that the point of Aeria's games is to get you to actually buy items, it is quickly apparent that it REALLY WANTS YOU to do this.

On another note, leveling feels very slow. This is, however, probably because I refuse to spend more then a few hours playing every couple of days.


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