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Link is Antisocial

Princess Pea- Zelda, Link, Ganondorf/Gannon, Tingle along with a bunch of annoying fairies and sprites make up the cast in Nintendo's Zelda universe. Its a world that revolves around one, seemingly infantile, boy and his never ending quest to save some random female for reasons we can only imagine.

To do this the "young boy" must collect artifacts around the world in order to solve giant puzzles and kill giant monsters that only the "chosen one" can complete and kill. Eventually, with all the puzzles solved and all the monsters slain, the young boy heads off to battle whatever evil magic wizard type guy who has kidnapped the princess with thoughts of turning the female into some type of nuclear power plant or dooms day device.

Once the epic evil is slain the boy, well he gets to go home after getting a good pat on his back. Once in awhile he'll get a kiss on the cheek or some type of "respect" but basically the guy gets to go back to whatever he was doing. Depending on what era the game is based in, this includes vagabond, farmer, peaceful island do nothing and my personal favorite "back to being a kid". As if one could return to whatever they were doing, let alone being a kid, after killing thousands of creatures, dying a few hundred times and doing all sorts of other not normal life things.

The game series, as a whole, has not evolved to much sense its eight bit renditions in lines of plot. Things are still the same, which is good, except for where the characters come from, why the "big evil guy" is doing his "big evil things" and the way to get from A to B.

However, one of the main "problems" with Link (the main character) is that he does not speak. The silent protagonist gets talked at by many people and sometimes interjects a grunt or two. Now the real kick is what happens when we take that "feature" and throw some real life scenario in there.

Zelda: Heart For The Hero

It is a wonder how Link ever managed to buy anything in any of the games without his tongue. Then again, usually he just picked things up and showed it to the clerk. "I wan disn' an have dis much monies. I can haz?" Then again, there were a couple of points where Link could steal items, provided you never wished to go back to that shop again for fear of instant death.

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Lur said...

It is impossible for me not to point you in the direction of this show:

Dudel said...

That show is BRILLIANT!

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