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Emulation (ZSNES)

Emulation, emulators and ROMs have recently been on my sight for solving the problem. Within the last few months I have played a few SNES games either for the first time, as I was not old enough to enjoy a few to their extent and/or lacked the attention span to finish them, or as a second, third and even fourth run through. The ZSNES is one of the most well founded and stable emulators that I've seen on the net not to mention the most popular. There, really, is no other way to play SNES roms. The major "selling point" for the ZSNES are its simplicity and some key features that everyone should know about.

ZSNES Key Features
(Not listed in particular order)

ROM zip: While the ZSNES is a ziped file, and you will need a program to unzip it, the ROMS can be used within the ZNES unzipped. Provided that the folder/file you saved the ZSNES into is either in the ROM folder or at least next to it, the ZNES will also auto-detect its games.

Controls: Because it is built with PC gaming in mind the controls are 100% customizable and it also works with several controller types, joysticks and game pads. Any hardware that is NOT your keyboard may need additional programing which could possibly be found on the net. Suggest simply customizing your keyboard to fit play style or to obtain a controller adapter to something you've got on hand, already.

Mods/Hacks: The ZSNES itself can't really "get hacked" but the program does allow you to alter somethings within the games it loads. It is simple to do and guides on hacking your ROMs with the ZSNES can be found online.

Low Requirements: This is a BIG selling point with myself. The file size for the ZSNES doesn't break a gig and most ROMS float at about 5 kilobytes. Larger and more involved games will be higher in size but will almost NEVER break a half gig. Not to mention, as you are playing low bit games, the vid and audio found on basic machines will allow for the ZSNES to operate.

Save States: The ability to create a save file at any point and then later to return to that exact point. Commonly used for "amusing" cut scenes, whether trying to avoid seeing them again because of constant death or to view something later. Excessive save stating can corrupt ROM files and save data, so watch out.

Speed Up Frame Rate: Holding down the tilde key causes the ZSNES to speed up its frame rate. This is good for skipping cut scenes, speed runs, or when you may get like me whos attention span may "slip and/or are in a hurry for no good reason. This feature can be adjusted.

Customizable Window: Has many options which include; the ability to play at many different sized windows and resolutions, adjust the color filters on the ZSNES and games it plays for a personal look and options to play full screen or not as well as number of pixels shown. Number of pixels shown may be limited by the "sync to monitor" feature.

Keycode Combos: Initiate a string of key presses without need for other mods and hacks. Works well with customizable keyboards, especially when you have multiples.

It is my full recommendation that anyone looking for free, low system requirement games that are not browser based, download the ZSNES and play the game catalog. Playing NES games would not be a bad idea either as the requirements for this would be even lower. Check side bar for links to emu and ROM sits.

Caution: Using emulators and having ROMs without owning the cartridges is technically illegal. Any ESA restricted titles that are obtained are illegal even with owning the cartridge.


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