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Emulating the NES and/or Famicon is something that a lot of "oldies" would love to do and a lot of you already do. The SNES is where I personally stated so not much is known about the system other then the fact that if it wasn't for the NES no other console and games would exist at all. This includes current systems and games. One of the most obvious is one of the "high profile" series that started on this system.

An RPG to literally end all RPGs was the idea behind Final Fantasy. Square, which was the devolper at the time, was going under along with the system it was trying to make games for. So as a "last ditch" they made a game with a literal meaning. This was going to be their last fantasy game, ever. However the game sold and sold and sold so much that demand for a sequal was high. The now very drawn out and over done FF (Final Fantasy) series is due to this one game.

Not to mention a lot of "game standards" started on the NES. The first person RPG, which I am not a direct fan of usually, had its root on PC gaming at the time but the NES, and later the SNES, seemed good fits for the genere. However the type of game is all but phased out in today's world with the, as far as I know, exception of the Elder Scrolls games and some copy-cats, though could be mistaken.

The emulator for the NES that I would suggest is NEStopia and it is the one that many people on a frequented site I visit for ROMs and emulation visit. The emulator works very similar to the VBA with only small exceptions with some small set up "problems". The source folders for save states, cheat codes and other things will have to be "redirected" after download if you do not place the game directly in the documents folder and move on. It is simple to do as NEStopia auto detects where the folders from the unzip (actually the one I found was a .rar file) are. Simply telling the emulator to select defaults will do the trick as most will not use these features anyway. Going into the options tab of the the Emulator it is best to select each item and select the defaults for the program.

Upon fixing these settings and a few others to default all you'll need are the ROMs. I downloaded an NES package of all known ROMs as I've never played a single game on the system so its best to just have the full thousand plus titles available for me. Some are not full games and only demos or prototypes but that is only about a hundred of the thousand so there are still plenty of games with a simple and small download.

Caution: Using emulators and having ROMs without owning the cartridges is technically illegal. Any ESA restricted titles that are obtained are illegal even with owning the cartridge.

Extra Note: Any system that has been deemed as "dead" or obsolete is usually not "watched" to close by authorities and most let infractions slide even on ESA titles but a caution is still needed.


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