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The Cat Came Back (Musical Cartoon)

Based on a folk song made in 1893 by the same name, this cartoon is about Johnson and an annoying yellow cat he can't get rid of. The cartoon was made by Canadian directer Cordell Barker in 1988. I didn't see the animation, myself, until much later during a Cartoon Network week from "Cartoons Around The World". Recently I saw it again while looking for something else.

"The Cat Came Back" holds up to this day. Its a nice adverse to the Japanese and American cartoons that are currently being shown. This short Canadian film has a hand drawn comic feel with a nice un-augmented sound to make a blissful creation. Coming in under eight minutes and ending on an ironic note, "The Cat Came Back" is guaranteed to make you chuckle.

The song has been reworked from its original version to be "less violent" but the style, tone and message are all still the same.

"Cats are EVIL! Yellow one's are especially evil."

For extra amusement look up the original song by Harry S. Miller or the remake by Fred Penner. Neither of these is the audio actually in the cartoon.


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