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Roleplaying (PbP)

There are many forms of roleplaying and one of those is known as PbP. Another acronym is being thrown at you here but I will, once again, fully explain. A PbP is simply a shortening of the three words Play, By, and Post. PbPs are commonly done via forums, visa vie threads and posting. Currently I am an active member of a PbP site known as The Roleplaers Guild. For short the comunity calls it RPGuild or just RPG.

Roleplaying in this manner has brought forth many questions with myself and within the community. One of the big ones is a difficult matter for me. Are you just playing a game or are we all writing a story together? In my opinion I see Roleplaying in general as only escapism, regardless of how it is done. A point in time where you may be that epic villein, grand wizard or in my case, the noble thief. This is, of course, a restriction on what PbP truly is as there is more then your typical fantasy.

Current Trends On Site Include: Vampires, Werewolves, High School Stories, Mild Fantasy (Moderately grounded in reality) & Heavy Sci-Fi (Barely grounded in reality). Observation made in personal assessment.

There are also many exceptions to the trends. A great example of this trend breaking is my own RP. It may be bad form to post a post about a post but I have decided to do that very thing anyway.


Not far down the road from David was a semi-driver named Bob. He was working his second double shift, in less days, and didn't seem to be paying much attention to his surrounding. That was until he saw Evan and the several large monsters that were following. Slamming the brakes to his semi, Bob closed his eyes and prayed to every god he could think off as he heard a very loud SPLAT, "Jesus Buddha Crista please don't say I killed that kid."

Bob opened his eyes to see his windshield covered in red and green slim, "What da hell," Bob questioned as he opened up the cab door, unbuckled his belt and jumped from the high cabin. It took him only a couple of seconds to see what was on the front glass of his large truck but nothing more was seen as he was pounced on and taken away, "DA FUUU-?"

This snippet is from the current game I am GM/DMing (Game Master and/or Dungeon Master), aptly named When Flea F*****s Attack. Click the link to read more of this oddball collaborative writing or join the site and participate in it. Snippet edited slightly as there were/are errors in the original.

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