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Gran Torino (Get off My Lawn)

Walt Kowalski is a man who knows how to demand respect, regardless of if he gets it. Not scared to explain exactly how he feels or use offensive language the man "irks" most people, family included. Possibly the only person who could every really tolerate Walt was his wife, whom he clearly misses.

Upon Walt's wifes funeral (movie opening) it is clear how much respect this old Korean War veteran gets from his family. Grandkids dressed up like whores and/or being disrespectful little punks do not bring out the best in Mr. Kowalski. Making a mockery of their grandmothers funeral and having the gaul to try and "auction off" the man's already well established home.

Family, however, are not the only ones "trying" to remove Walt from his home. In recent years his once, very nice and friendly, suburban area has turned into a getto populated by Hmong immigrants from Southeast Asia. He tolerates them in the manner he can by keeping it, some what, to himself while being a little racist to his neighbors.

This genrally, keep to himself, behavior slightly changes one night. A fight starts between the family that lives inside the house and a local Hmong gang which wakes Walt from his sleep. Grabbing his gun, Walt walks out of his house as the fight "bleeds" onto his property where he utters four words.

After that things start to slowly change for Walt Kowalski and the neighborhood around him. No one expects the things to unfold as they do, not even Walt.

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Splash said...

WOO! Gran Torino!!
An awesome film, says I. Thus, an awesome post.

That is all.

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