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Don't Shit Yourself (Flash Game)

Simplicity is key when creating a flash game and the game "Don't Shit Yourself" is as simple as it gets. Simply type in commands and the main character will follow them. Don't Shit Yourself (The Game) has to be one of the few games that you can lose before you start. It also has to be one of the few flash games with such an odd subject that doesn't somehow turn people/players away, myself to be specific.

With graphics and controls being "low key", looking like an old Macintosh floppy game, you are once again looking at the simplicity of "Don't Shit Yourself" but this keeps in tune with its general feel and look. Having an "odd subject matter" seems lightened by the blocky eight bit character following, very specific, old school text commands.

The trick is finding the commands while the goal is as the name implies, not shitting yourself. Try and collect all the rewards from "Sa-poo-ku and "Jumping the gun" to "Thinking (and shitting) inside the box". Eventually you might even be "The Shit King".

The game needs flash to operate and there is a link in the sidebar to its location. That being said, the only way to know a game is to, in fact, play it yourself.


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