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Redirecting (Looking, again, at Cantr)

Those of you that were here from "the beginning" know of, and probably play, Cantr. If you don't then look at this later.

Basically, my view of the subject has not changed. It is still a very fun game that anyone who considers themselves an armature writer with an open mind will enjoy. It also appeals to a few of the more "gamer" aspect but that behavior is generally frowned on within the active community. From my point of view, neither "way to play" is wrong or bad but be warned if you pick the latter you will not be anyone's favorite player.

What I really wish to bring light on from my previous post was the small bit of one small sentence. It was the interjection: "If only a little" and I've come to realize how big that interjection is. After playing for a bit more time this "only a little" seems a lot drastic then it used to. Generally, that is the extent to which you can affect the game or, if you look at it in terms of percentage, you can't affect it at all.

There is a reason why the game offers fifteen character slots for you to participate in the world and that's because if you wish to leave a dent its generally based on the number of characters you have now or have had in the past. This is not particularly bad but it does discourage people from playing beyond the games basic micromanaging points (get food, cook food, eat food, use shield, eat).

What things come down to are character specific marks on other specific characters. Don't try and leave your mark on the Cantr world by being the best, whatever. Instead just try and enhance the characters directly involved with your own. If you're lucky you might change the world via third party but the only real way to change it first hand is to get extremely lucky. Most characters are dead characters forgotten in one real life day by live ones, so enjoy that small moment cause its the only one you'll really get as a player. The sad thing about it is that you'll not get to witness it as events after character death are not privy.


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