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Teenage Metal Ninja Turtles

Lets start this post by asking a few questions. Who grew up in the late eighties or early nineties? Who, at least, watched Saturday morning cartoons during this time? Who remembers the old school Ninja Turtles? Who knows that theme song and possibly has its lyrics, like they are difficult, remembered? Finally, who likes metal? If you answered yes to enough of these questions then you're in for a treat!

Original Ninja Turtle Song

Metal Ninja Turtle Song
(Synchronized to Original Video)

Ah, my childhood and yours. Its a shame it has come to an end. Saturday morning how I used to wake up to you with excitement and sugar cereal. Now you are just another sleep in like all the rest, cereal still intact.

2 Replies:

bagalagalaga said...

I know it makes me sound older than dirt, but the cartoons just aren't any good these days, not like back in the Ninja Turtles era.

Dudel said...

Do you see any NEW cartoons on this blog? I don't think so! XD

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