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Original Racing (Uniracers)

Uniracers had to be one of the most original racing games for its 18bit era and still runs as, at least in my personal opinion, the best side scrolling racer. Its rather simple, the concept and style. Take a unicycle, some rock music, lots of bright colors and noodle like tracks and you've got yourself gold.

Despite the game tracks being a bit more about memory and time trial then an actual race, the game is pretty freaking awesome. Generally, unless racing an actual 2P player, it feels like a "ghost" or "time" trial unless doing one of the 10 (I think its ten) stunt tracks.

Stunts in the game are your racers turbo, provided you land them correctly. Upon a "wipe out" you lose a lot of speed and any landing that is awkward causes in a slight lose of speed or no speed bonus. The trick, with tricks, is to land "just right" on the tracks. This can be a problem unless you know the track by heart. Even as a "returning player" I found it difficult to remember where all the twists and bends were. (Slight learning curve is what I'm getting at)

However, the best part about the game is its music. This game has some of the best 18bit music I've ever heard. Its just wonderful and catchy! I find myself humming along to the intoxicating tones as my little green unicycle bursts around the track.

Uniracers Title Music

I suggest that when you play the game, assuming not on the SNES itself, you find a controller. Playing this game with the keyboard is next to impossible in my opinion.

2 Replies:

bagalagalaga said...

Yeah controllers are a must for some of these, the keyboard and ROMs are great for the RPGs and some of the simple side-scrollers though.

Dudel said...

I tried playing this with my keyboard, before I had my controller, and couldn't even win the first race.

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