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"Now Hear This" (Short Film/Cartoon)

The Loony Tune, cartoon "Now Hear This" was the start of many great things down at Warner Brothers but the best part about any short animated film is its amusement quality.

One of the firs things that should be noted/noticed is that Chuck Jones, the director of this and many other cartoons during his time, basically said "Lets have fun with sound while utterly ignoring physics and logic." That is, of course, the best thing about cartoons after all. Also, the cartoon has a well known and good pointed moral. The grass is always greener on the other side but a hallucination will prove it brown.

Now Hear This

Possibly one of the best cartoons to have ever been made that doesn't include the actual "Loony Tunes" within it. One could argue that this was a bit "Do-Do" and could be in his world, somewhere, but that's not any fun, now is it? This is also the first Loony Tune to have the more "modern intro", at last according to what the internet has to say about this cartoon.


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