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Cantr II (A Society)

An open world of vast possibilities waits those who have the stomach to tolerate such grandeur as the ability to influence a culture with the wave of a hand or a single word. Society as you know it, evolving and evolved in manners few could expect.

Picture a man spawning on his twentieth year with no memory of those before it, this is how each of the beings in Cantr II have started. Many took this lack of memory as an excuse to harm, kill and even maim their fellows, sometimes only out of fear. Others took arms against these and created the guards of towns. Thieves try to prosper but pick the wrong town and are met with being locked up or even killed. A guard chases a man out into the woods only to be ambushed by many more and have the favor returned. Holy men and women preaching of their gods, goddesses and other beings of power. Some are ignored, some gain followers and others may be met with harsh punishment.

Simple Farmers try and protect potatoes from pirates as both need the starch in order to survive. Neither side giving any head way but the simple farmers seem out classed. Perhaps they run for a neighboring town, perhaps they lock themselves inside and pray to any higher powers they may believe. Crowbars in hand the pirates try stealing from the simple farmers but help comes from a local queen. She has her army lay waste to many of the pirates but one some how escapes with his life in tact.

Queens and kings rules lands, as well as councilors, presidents and priests. Some leaders are more peaceful and well mannered then their people and others are cruel and ruthless in their actions. No one town the same as another as each character brings new life to a different location. Life is good, in some areas, food is plentiful and each town member is well cared for. Other places are harsh and only the rough usually last long. Those that do survive long in the hot and violent deserts or cold and barren mountains are praised for their strength or mocked for their stupidity.

The world of Cantr II lives and YOU, the player, bring it to life with each character you spawn. Each character a small extension of yourself, your personality or perhaps just a little quirky thing you found to amuse. Village idiot, master thief, simple farm hand, quirky lover boy; All these and many more will be found, only a mater of time before you see the Cantr world evolve, if only a little.

2 Replies:

Anonymous said...

The moment I started playing Cantr I felt instantly gratified. My desk tilted up three inches and it felt like small nuclear explosions were occuring in my eyeballs.

I later woke up naked in a field surrounded by sheep, covered in green paint.

It was worth, if not more than worth, the cost of paying someone to download the HTML file for and deliver to to me by floppy disk.

Anonymous said...

Cantr II for the motha f*ckin win. :D

Nice article, you summed it up pretty well, and took us on a nice little trip through fantasy land.

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