Solve Unamusement: Duck dat Devil! (Daffy Duck & The Tazmanian Devil)

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The Dudel Journal

Duck dat Devil! (Daffy Duck & The Tazmanian Devil)

Daffy Duck is, next to Bugs Bunny, the smartest Loony Tunes character in the entire bunch. Daffy has taken on so many others within the series that he should not really be "second" so much as tied with Bugs. The only problem with Daffy is his cowardice and his greed, which this cartoon depict very well. Both are dehibilitating to him and if those two traits were to be "removed" then Daffy would be the "top dog" among the Loony Tune characters. However, Daffy would now be "Bugs with a Beak" and that's no fun.

Ducking The Devil - Daffy vs Taz

Few people give Daffy the credit he deserves. How many other characters have taken on the Tasmanian (Taz) Devil? How many have taken him on and won? I think the only other character to take Taz on and win other then Daffy was Bugs. They are the only two smart enough to do so, after all.


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