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Pokemon Remake (Fire Red)

To start this post with anything other then "I play Pokemon" would be ignoring the fact that I do. Thus, "I play Pokemon" is now out of the way and I may speak of the proper issue at hand.

That issue being fed a remake of a "classic". Pokemon Red for the GBC was one of the first two that ever started "Poke-fever" and it was remade for the GBA and given an "overhaul" with the title of Pokemon Fire Red. The problem is that if you have played either Pokemon Red or Blue then Fire Red and Leaf Green are just dumb and you would rather play the old "crappy version".

The thing is you would expect something new to be added to these remakes. However, that is not so much true. The only additions, minus the sound and graphical ones, are a few islands and the additional Pokemon that have been released so far in the "Poke-verse". That is, of course, after you have beaten the game. This is slightly irritating.

All the "add ones" from the latter versions, after the original Red, Blue and Yellow, are not there until the game is beaten. This is, again, very, very, very frustrating. The most obvious, and most annoying, was the day care center. This is the location where you place two Pokemon to mate and get Pokemon Eggs. Usually, for me at least, one of them was always a ditto. The day care center was not opened until much later and at that time I no longer cared to make breeder Pokemon.

I think I would have had more fun with the game if I had others to battle or trade with. That is where a lot of Fire Red's features are. As I was playing on my PC VBA emulator with no intention for any netplay (Even with myself upon opening multiple emulator instances), I was basically stuck only playing the 1p mode. That is cool but I wish more things were open in 1p mode.

Guess I'm saying you should play the original Red, Blue or Yellow and deal with the crappy graphics. There is also the option to play Silver (which I am doing now) or Gold. These are the two best in the series, at least in my opinion.

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he and she reviews said...

interesting day care information... i think i played almost all the pokemon games... ^_^

Dudel said...

I've played a few of them but I'm not as avid a gamer as I sound. Yes I play games A LOT and have sense I was about 10 or so but I'm very "neutral" on the line of "hard core" vs "casual".

And the whole late day care thing really irked me! X| It was like an small pox blanket. "Here ya go. Too bad it wont help now. *snicker*".

Also: Welcome to "Solve Unamusement" I hope to see more comments. :D

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