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Fallen Sword

Today there will be talks of two things. One is an amusement and the other a note on possible amusement that is still being worked on.

The first is a PBBG that goes by the title Fallen Sword. Fallen Sword is a PBBG that is based on the most common of types. The name for its type currently escapes me and I am in no direct mood for "research". Fallen Sword is a simple 2d almost non graphical hardly difficult and almost not amusing PBBG. The idea behind Fallen Sword is annoyingly simple. It consists of two parts for a good majority of the game.

One is to grind on monsters you that are auto hit based on stats of the character. These stats are mostly based on equipment and have no actual value on character stats at all. That is unless you pump ONE and ONLY ONE stat. The skills/magic and other things of that nature help to the point where they are, at times, needed in order to actually advance. Anyone can learn any skill and equip any type of weapon and/or armor as there are no "classes".

Fallen Swords only real amusement is its PvP. This coming from someone who generally finds PvP as not what a game should be "fun for", this means a lot or little if you hate PvP more then even myself. Actually the game portion other then PvP is really boring and "the rest of the game" is only saved if you have a "good clan". Otherwise its just tedious and stupid.

A lot of players quit before reaching level five and I do not blame them any. My character is currently at 96 or 97 depending on whether or not people have placed bounties on my head. That is a small annoying feature. PvP is not only unrestricted but the "bounty system" actually encourages it. There is a reward for killing PvPers by PvPing. Also, you may bounty anyone trying to claim a bounty on you so sometimes it becomes a circle jerk of who has more gold.

Another "light note" is the game is basically closed to you without "Fallen Sword Points" (FPS). These can, of course, be normally bought but are not worth it. It would be better to pay for a "real game" or find a "more free" game if on insisted. TPS is hard to obtain otherwise and all of the "good equipment" along with any additional "player skills" cost FPS.

There is a link in my side bar available for anyone to sign up if they so wish. I honestly do not suggest it and I am not sure why I even still play, at times. The game has its fun but it does not really "open" until you have reached level 30 and found a good clan/guild.

2 Replies:

Jikei said...

Fallen Sword wouldn't happen to be made by Zynga games, would it? 'Cause that sounds like all their crap (Wait...another Final Fantasy-type game series where no matter which you're playing it's the SAME GAME?!)

Yeah, not into PvP unless I'm actually contributing in the fight (i.e., Guild Wars...but I'm even bored with that now...once you get filthy rich and have everything you want, there's no point in playing ^_^)

Dudel said...

No, not a Zynga game. Its the type of game that is "normal" but I can't remember the "type" of PBBG it is.

PvP is basically the "only fun" within Fallen Sword too but only because a lot of people don't realize how easy it is to PvP and/or collect gold. People get REALLY MAD when you hit them just for their gold.

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