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The basic plot of Chobits, as I see it: Farm Boy meets robot computer girl. Robot computer girl falls in love with farm boy. Farm boy does best to avoid doing the same as he grows random crushes on random females within his surroundings.

As of the start of this post I have finished sixteen of the twenty seven episodes of Chobits. By the end of the day I hope to get to one of the final episodes if not finish it completely, so I figured it would be okay to pass my vote and then continue this tomorrow.

The show has some great parts and I have only seen one episode that wasn't absolutely amusing. It was one of those "catch up" episodes that a lot of shows have so I'm not counting this against the show as a whole. From I can see of future episode names I see only two or three more total out of the twenty seven so, again, no harm.

Overall the show's humor is what really gets me. There is a good romance story with multiple characters all giving great, if not a bit annoying, foreshadowing about the two main characters. I will also not take away from possible annoying voice acting. So I'll break this down into goods and bads.

  • Great Humor.
  • Not Horrible Romance
  • Well Animated
  • Good, if not easily figured out, plot

  • Drawn out "middle parts" that only lead to a small joke
  • Annoyingly not needed foreshadowing
  • Pushes the "Soft Porn" mark at times

One common part I am currently enjoying is this "Children's Story" that is added in the middle as foreshadowing. Its the only foreshadowing within the anime that I like. The rest is this "3rd Party" thing. Implying on the main character via his new friends and family. Upon completion of this post I am on eighteen of twenty seven.

One another small note: I am also not sure about what is about with Chii's alternate self with reference to the rest of the show.

Chobits is also a manga but I'm generally allergic to reading.

Update:While the last episode is basically pointless the show as a whole is very great and has a nice overall theme. I could do without the "wrap up" shows (as was the last one), the slightly annoying "Sumomo" (but I think that was the point of the character), and the easy to figure out plot. A lot of the "twists" didn't seem to surprise me any. Well, its a nice show.. give it a run through.

2 Replies:

Lur said...

I watched this series awhile ago and while it didnt turn me into a fanfic seeking/writing fanboy it did give me a few days of wasted time, I have a lot of time on my hands so its a good thing. Also..... THIS NEVER LEAVES THE BLOG..... I am a bit ashamed to tell anyone I watch anime especially romances ones. Does this even pass as romance in japan even? Well i suppose it does since japs are now trying(succeeded?) at getting there government to let them marry anime characters, Iknowright?! Seems that old Simpson episode where homer was marrying people to thing is coming true now.

P.S. x_x downgrading computers sucks balls and vinegar. This one is falling apart as i type the sound card wont work the processor wont go as fast as its supposed to and the desktops keep disappearing , making me think everything got deleted.

P.S. to the P.S My bro moved out so he took his comp and I had to downgrade to the last one we got about 10 years ago...

Dudel said...

I don't watch as much Anime as others but if something amuses, it amuses. I'd think that, yes, this does count as a "Romance" and its not a horrible show minus my "Bads". One of the WORST parts was this whole.. "Don't touch me there" thing. It was kinda... odd. I felt like screaming "DATE RAPE" at my screen. A lot of Anime also has this weird "thing" with "almost porn".

I could watch the show again if I "skipped" those annoying "Up To This Point" wrap up annoyances. Also, I REALLY wanted a way to remove Sumomo's head... and like I said, nothing shocked me.

Oh, and another note: I like the "main song" or whatever it was/is. I think I might speak of it separately one day, maybe.

Also: Sucks about the downgrade. Its NEVER fun to downgrade your equipment as usually it means that you are now using inferior, or worse obsolete, hardware.

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