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Late, again, to the party. (Manchurian Candidate)

Today on the television was the 2004 version of "The Manchurian Candidate" and I wish I had seen it in theaters. Nothing was ruined by seeing this movie on TV and with TBS trying to "avoid" commercials it was a pleasant view first thing in my morning. My morning starting at about 12:00PM or "noon" on average.

I went and did my usual "research" for all amusements, looking for relevant links and vids, etc and while doing this I "found" the trailer on youtube. (Youtube being my favorite place and most others for online video viewing) The trailer doesn't leave much to the imagination of the film, however, and slightly ruins it. I did not see this trailer until after the movie was see, yes today was the first time I had seen it, or I do not remember it, so nothing was "hurt" by me viewing the thing.

Manchurian Candidate Trailer

Yes I posted the thing anyway.

Its a great movie about government conspiracy and a "mothers love" all linked to some ethically immoral surgery. If you ever see this on TV or find the DVD for a few bucks I'd say give it a whirl. Its not going to cost much, if anything, and you'll get a great hour or two of amusement out of it.

The 1962 version is apparently a "classic" of old movies so it might not hurt to watch that one either. I'm not going out of the way for it but if I "bump into" the thing one day I know I'll at least try to give it a good viewing. If you are "into" reading, the original book is always available at most "common" book stores.


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