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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Static Pages and Other "Stuff" (Blog News)

As of this post, which like all other news announcements is being set as a scheduled post, "Solve Unamusement" has had a bit of work done. Everything from static pages to small alterations in widget code, "Solve Unamusement" is slowly starting to look like it was done by someone who knows what they are doing.

Sense Last Update: These changes have been made.

  • Static pages have been added and code made to prevent from static pages from being part of the "main blog". This was a rather extensive project and took me most of one day to accomplish as my HTML coding "know how" was from what was "skimmed" through back when I was in sixth grade. I am currently twenty two so you may do your own math. This is not counting the fact that I never learned CSS. After a bit of work and hullabaloo I have succeeded in creating several static pages.

  • Among those Static pages is a suggestion page which I HOPE SO MUCH people will use. It will allow for others to leave suggestions in one constant spot which will be looked at as comment messages are sent to my email for both acceptance and verification.

  • Static pages also include a "Solve Unamusement" style profile which is slightly copy-pasted from my profile with the added points of my "life rules". All of this organized into a pretty little post which is nestled at the top.

  • Link clusters are less "link whored" and more detailed. Actually, information that was on each link has not changed. The only thing to change is where the < /a> had gone on each link. This creates a nice eye POPPING effect and makes the links more clear from their identifying text. Some of the "identifying text" is included in the links as my brain says "that goes there" with some and "that don't go there" with others. It may seem random but a method is there.

  • Relevant pic has become Irrelevant pic on the grounds that it is almost NEVER actually relevant to the post at hand. This also adds to the "theme" of the blog even if a small alteration.

  • The "Site Record" and/or "Blog Archive" has been changed from a drop down list to the heirarchy for several reasons but I actually like this new format as it actually shows how many weeks have passed. Once there is to many "weeks" then the "Site Record" will be turned into months, instead of weeks... or I might change it to months before this post is available. Either way, the "Site Record" has been moved and altered.

  • Keyword-Tags have been limited. I was experimenting with creating a "link cloud" but did not like them. Straight lists are the best way to go with "Solve Unamusement" and extra JavaScript will only cause page delayed loading. However, there is a post number limit on labels to prevent them from getting "out of hand". That number is currently at 4, which means anything above 4 post labels will be posted. (5+)

  • The "Blogger nav-bar" has been "unhidden" due to it being a violation of Blogger's TOS, which I'd rather not violate if I can avoid it.

  • There have also been some other minor changes to the template code but they are not really worth pointing out, especially as I sometimes do not even notice what they have done.

  • FINALLY, there have been made "Back to Top" codes in a few places on the blog. Also, future posts on "Solve Unamusement" will each have a "To Top" link tha will take... well we all know how those work, yes? These will NOT take you to the top of the POST, but instead the site page as I don't wanna take people back to the post top.

Well, that's the information I wished to share.


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