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Nudder Book to Movie (Inkheart)

Inkheart by Cornella Funk was recently made into a fully made movie. While there has been no reading of said book, here, the movie has a great tone and point of view from which to tell a story. Sharing the typical "G v E" that fits most, if not all, fantasy; Inkheart doesn't stray from "what works". Actually going one step farther then that and taking what works and finding a "legal way" to outright steal it.

While the movie was great fun and had a nice happy ending to which make you all fuzzy inside, there was still an "it figures" tone when it ended. All the "bad guys" failed in their mission to control the world and everyone else got exactly what they wanted. The old woman got her adventure, the girl her family (and even an implied boyfriend) while the lead character got his wife and love of his life while the woman was set free of her shekels and "made right". I say "made right" as there was a small "mix up' among characters that turned the chick into a mute.

That is typical fantasy-hero-win-everyone-loves story, the point of view was what made the entire thing. While most stories take on the view of participates, this one also added in the secular of reader. The "main problem" being that there are some people who have the ability to bring things alive simply by reading from a book aloud, actually pulling the thing described (even if a person or place) from the work of fiction. Its a nice concept to make the story, book assuming as well, separate from the market that floods with all this typical fantasy.

All in all what you'll get with the movie, and book hopefully, is a nice adventure with a twist. And not a lame weak M. Night type of twist, one that fits and is coherent with the story. Debates are going on with myself about trying to read the book, and obtaining it, but the movie is still here and worth a second or third viewing.


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