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Fireflies and Dreams

Playing as new music on a lot of Alternate Music stations, "Fireflies" by Owl City is just a great pleasure to listen to. Like a lot of "current music" it lies heavily on the electronic to get itself "in tone" but I'm not one of "those types" when it comes to music. How you made it doesn't matter much to me.

Owl City - Fireflies

Personally I enjoy the imagery that the song has. Not to mention that if you take the song a bit literal, that is basically how I deal with my dreams and sleeping. Have a slight problem with differentiating between dream and reality, its nice to think that this is the literal meaning but I'm sure its a love song, rather. Either way though, I still like it.

That is all, give a listen and tell me what you think. Its not a horrible song by any means but I do see how some might not enjoy it, especially with the random thoughts that this is "Emo Rock". I really need to discuss what "is" and "is not" "Emo Rock" and why Alternative or "Alt Rok" only houses a small bit of "Emo Rock" and only due to "Pop Culture Influences".


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