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Phantom ones to be exact!

While I was wondering what to write about today a thought came to my head, which was that of books. Now, in all honesty, I do not read many paper books nor have I. This is due to it being a mandatory accomplishment which quickly took the pleasure or "amusement" out of reading. There were a few books, however, that always managed to keep my attention regardless of why I was reading them.

One of those books was The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. It is considered a classic for children's fantasy but I see it a good read regardless. The book and story generally appeal to me by the way it is worded. Things do not mean exactly what they mean while meaning something almost similar and backwards. It is just a beautiful world that reads like the sarcastic personality who was reading it.

Nothing fully made sense to the main character and at the same time made perfect sense within the terms of literal wording and phrase usage. In fact, one of my favorite phrases to use that is not directed from this book would be "Angering The Watchdog" which is a "hint" to the book at one point where the "Watchdog" gets a rather peeved that Milo, the main character, is "killing time".

Whatever, whatever.. just read the book for yourself, honestly. Also, apparently there is a movie that was made before I was born, which makes sense as the book was written in the sixties, which I shall see if any good once the downloads are complete.

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Jikei said...

I've seen the movie...though I think I told you that a few months's pretty good, even though it's the kid who played Eddie Munster playing Milo. That makes it hard to think of him as anyone BUT Eddie Munster, which makes a lot of it funnier...but it's one of those part real, part cartoon movies...and has a scene where they were playing with effects...when he goes back and forth through the tollbooth, switching (or partially switching) between real and cartoon...

Anyway, don't want to ruin any more for you...oh, and this post needed more lemons, so I've added some in my comment...if you were wondering what that flavor was...which you weren't, but you should have been.

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