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Arkanoid On Crack (Stick Brix)

Stick Brix (linke in sidebar) is a fast paced Arkanoid clone where the goal is NOT to break all the blocks, or bricks, but to instead kill all the stick people that are on the stage. This is accomplished by knocking them upside the head with the play ball, removing blocks from under them so they fall to the ground or shooting them with a rare power-up.

The controls to the game, like most Flash Games I like, are simple. All you have to do is move the mouse from left to right. Doing so causes the bounce back bar to move from left to right. The only problem, I've found, with this is getting to close to the sides of the game. If your mouse moves off the game screen EVEN SLIGHTLY then you no longer have control. This is common among flash games but with the need to have the bar reach the very edge of the game, it creates problems.

Music and visuals for the game are just great! That is the only phrase I'd have to use on such simple and epic graphics and sound. However, a word of caution. If you are pron to epileptic seizures I'd suggest against playing Stick Brix.

Most levels are easy enough but once you find ones where the brix are made of brick and can not be destroyed. You can be annoyed because if the presision needed that the mouse does not always give. "So close" and/or "just missed" will happen on these levels a lot but that is a minor gripe for a free game.

Boss battles, yes there are boss battles, require the same as all the other levels but these Sticks fight back. They drop large exploding spike spheres of doom. These spheres can not hit the ball you are bouncing OR the bounce back bar or your life meter will drop.

The life meter stretches across the screen, giving you (I think) nine lives. Each time the ball is exploded or you miss one of the bounce backs a heart is taken. I've yet to see a way to get hearts back, but they may be there.

Enemies consist of simple fodder, men with baseball bats, cannons and all other sorts to find. Each only needing one strike, that I know of, to remove them from your game screen.


  • Pay Attention to Projectile Enemies
  • Watch for Power-Ups
  • The "F" power-up is a missile, use it to hit brix before enemies.
  • Try to "catch" enemies as they fall for combo bonus.
  • Hit multiple enemies at once for combo bonus.
  • Be calm and calculating on non-destroyable brick levels.

On those notes, I wish you luck and fair gaming on "Stick Brix".


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