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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal


First and foremost comes Solve Unamusements opinion about PBBGs on a very general level. Like everything else they have their pros and cons but after an extended period of time, one of each should be added.

Con: Because they are so simple, a lot of PBBGs can easily be forgotten or bailed on for one reason or another.
Pro: Because they are so simple, it is rare that much is missed if you bail and come back later.

Syrnia was like that, personally, for this writer. Had forgotten the game for a good one hundred and twenty days (exactly) and was then reminded by email that my account may be removed. This was my ticket back to playing (though not as often/much as before) and because of how most PBBGs work nothing was missed from the time off.

So in memory of PBBGs that have been suggested and are either mostly not played or not played at all anymore, a list of all the PBBGs that have been posted via Solve Unamusement. Out of this list, only two are being played (one is because it is yet in closed Alpha.)

  • Cantr - This is one of the few which I never once took a break from and have been playing now, for a straight year and a half. However recnelty a personal debate about "time off" has occurred more then once. This game is more about its RP then its actual mechanics but is the base/core for a lot of other games on this list. Several are similar, try to directly emulate or simply have the same feel of this game.

  • - While the developer requests that anything which implies "game" be removed from rev, this is sadly its classification no matter how much she may fight it. The game isn't even in closed Alpha (meaning no real testers, yet, as far as the Beta team is notified) and is very slow going otherwise. This is a "Cantr+1" type of emulation. The developer is trying to take the good of Cantr and keep it while removing the "bad" and adding something more "real".

  • Syrnia (Same link as above) - A very simple to play, easy to pick up and get moving game. There isn't much to it and can easily be soloed as played with members (usually clanmates). The game is very hands off beyond its combat system, traveling and non-shop trading. The hands off feel to Syrnia is what "makes people forget" about it, for the most part. If you don't quickly integrate into the world community the game looses its persistent feel other then +1ing your inventory.

  • Fallen Sword - A very common type of PBBG that is found online is the way this one is set up and ran. Though, personally, something happened where the TOS was violated and my IP banned. Probably linking to the game via this blog. The game runs on "stamina" which is just a fancy word for "action points". Those action points can be quickly blown through and without paying or trading exponentially for Fallen Sword Points (FSPs), not much can be gained. FSPs basically the developers way to get money and the game is difficult without them (Or finding a high/strong clan and sticking to them), otherwise.

The above two are both flash based PBBG games. MyBrute is basically a random number generator type of play where you select an opposing brute to smack on and watch the result. There is strategy in selecting opponents but, in all honest, it does not matter as what really gets characters in this game leveled is requirement. The more pupils your brute has the faster you level up. Generally speaking, MyBrute is a pyramid scheme in game form.

Elements is a very unique game, sorta, in that its the first half arsy Magic The Gathering clone which doesn't actually play against other players. This game puts you against (eventually) other players decks ran by an NPC most of the time. There are options to play against human opponents but it requires a few staple deck builds which have quickly made the game otherwise boring to play. You join them in their stragethy with a 60/40% winning or you tough it out and deal with loss.

The last two games that will be listed were never officially reviewed or fully played. They are both interesting games but something about them made not even "sticking it out" worth the time. One was due to community and the other was the simple fact that it required to little in the beginning to keep anyone motivated for the "big things" later on.

  • eRepublic - Slow starting but a good game with great concepts and fun to it. There is very obviously some fun to be had with this game but it appears to take to much time and energy for my own personal taste..

  • Faire Tale Online (FTO) - This game, despite its horrible HORRIBLE flaws and irritations was a load of fun. The problem was (and still is) the player base for the game. The game, sadly, will probably always revolve around a select golden few who will dictate what can and can't happen or how people can and can not act in character or otherwise.

Solve Unamusement's rant about FTO and elitism.

Now, who here has a good PBBG that might hold amusement for at least a week or two? The first to mention Kingdom of Loathing gets smacked in the mouth with a large fish. Being funny for "funny sake" is only good if you do it right. The game is simply a simple, staple and boring game with crude and/or failed humor.


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