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Look Again (Persona 3)

Yes, this is another post about an old amusement but after taking something of a "hiatus" from the PS2 (and non emulated console games in general) this game has to be the easiest of RPGs to simply drop and come back to.

The story conveniently tells you several times what happened last week or what you're supposed to be doing with just a few "Hello random character" type of comments. Problem is, a majority of characters (unless having an event*) repeat themselves at an irritating level. Some games will have [NPC] characters maybe say three things in total while Persona 3 seems happy with a single one.

But, again, what grabbed me into the game was its music. So much so that its soundtrack was searched for and "found" in order to listen. The game is so full with uniqe and new music that the soundtrack has 26 tracks on it! 26 tracks on a video game soundtrack. The best part is all the music is actually in the game. A lot of soundtracks for video games include "relevant songs" from popular artists, but not this one.

Persona 3 Soundtrack Select

Come on people, that music is just plain SEXY!


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