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Another Flash Based PBBG (Elements)

First off, let me note that Elements isn't technically a flash game in the manner that MyBrute was. This game is actually played, instead of watched. I think the reason for that is the game, Elements, is more java based but I'm not certain. Regardless, the game plays well but requires more of your PC then the average PBBG which is usually text.

The game is a card game similar to that of Magic The Gathering, however there are very notable differences. One of the main being how the cards are played. Each requires "quanta" (mana, don't let them fool you) but it is stocked piled over turns and does not require you to have mean. Another is that you pick a "elemental mark". This allows for free "quanta" without needing "pillers" (lands). The last difference would be that pillers/lands can all be played in one go. There is no limit to the amount which can be played in one turn. These features make the game faster then that of a typical Magic The Gathering, game. After those three things, you are basically playing a "speed mana" version of Magic.

Black and red still burn while green and white heal. Balance between land/pillers and other cards is still the main struggle. And multi color decks are the best to have if you wish to be able to handle all that is thrown at you. In Magic you obtain this usually by picking a couple colors you fully enjoy (one of them being either green or white) and putting in a lot of artifacts. In Elements you create something that is honestly dependent on every bit of qunta that is given.

After you play for some time you will come to realize that only one type of deck is being used by a majority of the community, with small alterations. This isn't bad as you can choose to not duel against human created decks but at the same time makes such duels rather boring and predictable. Funnily, you would think that makes the decks easy to beat but, sadly, I've not come up with much that can stop a few combination without subduing them early or adopting similar behavior.

Overall its a great game that has distracted me from a couple of other things. I suggest giving it a try. Registration for account takes almost zero time and once you get the feel of things you can start making some rather odd deck combinations. However, I'd suggest actually playing Magic The Gathering as your choices are better, the game is less limiting and you actually play with real people. The only real "up site" to this PBBG compared to Magic is that one doesn't cost any money.

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