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Baman Piderman (Halloween One)

Unsure how many, if any, of you have seen Baman Piderman as it is a rather "popular" online episodic show but I'm going to post something, anyway. Baman Piderman is another show by min-nova who are the ones who host Dr. Tran so this can not be all that horrible, to some of us.

Baman Piderman - Hab Da Sleepover

The episode that runs before this one might make the nonsense a bit more understandable but it is not a guarantee.

Now, some of you may be asking yourselves "Why did he post this mindless stupid" and that is because I am doing some roughly based on Halloween type posts until the first of November. Of course these will not be very strongly tied to Halloween and only vaguely allude to the holiday at all, but one figured "What the hell".

Hope those who read, watch and subscribe enjoy these next three days of sorta kinda Halloween.

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bagalagalaga said...

That is actually pretty damn great, I will definitely be showing this to people!

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