Solve Unamusement: The Maze Game (Halloween Two)

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The Maze Game (Halloween Two)

Something else that might be a "bit old" but still fun and relevant to the holiday, is a game I that was recently stumbled upon.

The game, itself, is simply called "The Maze Game" or just "Maze Game" but has this nice underline feature that even when someone who expects it, still isn't fully ready for it. While the game is fun for its own reasons what is more fun is sharing this game with friends.

Controls are very simple, all one needs is their mouse and computer speakers. You guide a little dot along the maze and try to not touch the sides. Sound helps with this as small warnings are given if you touch the wall.

  • Mouse - Move Game Cursor and Navigate Maze
  • Speakers - Sound is, sadly, needed to get the game's full effect

After all those short talks on the game, a link to play is needed. That link is here.


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