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Link's Awakening [DX]

Running with an idea I am working about creating multiple posts over several days about a similar, if not the same, subject we are going to look at Link's Awakening [DX] for the gameboy and/or gameboy color. The game starts with Link on a ship in the middle of the ocean during a nasty storm. The ship is struck by lightning and then Link washes ashore on a random island only to be dragged off by some chick to a nearby town.

There, in the town, people go through his things and read the name on Link's underwear. Tell him he dropped his shield and then say a sword might be chilling at the beach cause people were to lazy or stupid to pick it up along with the shield. From this point on Link is talked to by a magic owl, at random times, into collecting random instruments that will wake up the Wind-fish.

Enough of the story, lets open this up with a bit of Nintendo tomfoolery. Link's Awakening and Link's Awakening DX are two separate games that are no different then a paint job, and people bought them. Heck, people play both versions today, with emulation etc, for one reason or another.

Link's Awakening Intro

Link's Awakening DX Intro



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