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Link's Awakening Music

For 8-bit music, this game has some that is both painful and awesome. For the purpose of this blog only the awesome music will be shared. Most of this is included with the songs that Link learns to play on his ocarina, a later staple of the series, which he learns from those about the island.

There are three, of these songs. One is taught by a girl who sings in the main village and is the person who found Link laying on the beach. Another is taught by a singing fish, which is my favorite of the three. The last is taught by some frogs and allows to resurrect things with the very tune.

I am going to post those songs, here, in order of least amusing first. That meaning they are not in order you obtain them in game and the one which is annoying, at least its "sung" counterpart.

Song of Awakening

Frog's Song of Soul

Manbo's Mambo

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bagalagalaga said...

That frog song is nuts, I like the use of the generic punching noise in Manbo's Mambo tough!

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