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Mouse Wreckers

Looney Tunes, Mouse Wreckers has to be one my all time favorite cartoons ever done. It stars two lesser known tunes, Bert and Hubie and cat with no name. The basic plot of the cartoon is that Bert and Hubie have found themselves a nice new place to call home but in order to do that, they must first remove the expert mouse catcher inside.

In order to accomplish their task, Bert and Hubie set forth an evil plan. The plan, made by Bert, is to fool the cat into thinking he has gone utterly crazy. To do this, Bert and Hubie use rather simple hit and run guerrilla tactics to attack the feline while he sleeps.

Looney Tunes: Mouse Wreckers

This cartoon has some of my absolute favorite gags. One of those being that of the robe drag. Where a rope is tied to at one end to the cats tail and then ran through a "obstacle course", leading up to some place very high. At this point the rope is then tied to something very heavy and the heavy thing is pushed to the ground. The result is having the yellow kitting dragged by his tail through a rather painful gauntlet.

Another cartoon classic gag has to be the upside down room. This one is rather simple, the mice put earmuffs on the cat then go about transforming the room he sleeps. Nailing or gluing things upside down and to the ceiling. The cartoon sells this gag mainly by adjusting to the cats point of view and further adds to the joke by flipping an adjacent room back to normal. Of course there are some silly little additions near the end of upside down/sideways paintings and a fish take, but the main joke for that section of the cartoon is still the upside down room.


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