Solve Unamusement: Experiment No. 6

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The Dudel Journal

Experiment No. 6

Here is something absolutely odd that I fell in love with the very second it was heard. Not sure why this "song" is so high on the personal amusement list or even why it would be amusing to anyone, but it is. Lemon Jelly's Experiment No.6 is in the list of "odd techno" that I've recently been enjoying.

Basically the song is light techno that tells the story of an experiment which can be assumed is being done on some form of living creature or even a human. Actually, the song is more like the actual audio from a recorder then set with music. This song reminds me of some of the very old science fiction and horror movies that were done back in the seventies around government experiments to create super soldiers.

While the end of the song has the "experiment" being exterminated due to apparent doctor error, the whole process that is brought forth is just astounding. It really does feel like you are sitting there watching a mad doctor making his notes to the almost creepy music.

Lemon Jelly - Experiment No. 6

One really does hope that was amusing for othes as it was for myself. The song can't help but remind you of itself on other occasions. It's horrible, almost, how this song gets into your brain while not being one of those that actually "gets stuck".


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