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Plugged Amusement (Will Quilt for Games)

Thanks to this post at He and She Reviews I had come across something very cool. The She of He and She Reviews has herself a nice little business, of sorts, going that I just had to share, eventually.

What I was directed to by this post was Will Quilt for Games and I absolutely loved the idea/concept. "She" takes games, usually of the 8 and 16-bit variety, and makes pillow covers. There is even the possibility of getting custom made ones, if one was inclined to ask.

I take custom orders - If there is a character or design on a pillow you want, just contact me and we will see how it goes. It usually takes me about 2 weeks to make a pillow.

Personally, the only "problem" I see with these are the price tag. I do understand that these take lots of time to make and are hand made but 35 US dollars is kind of a lot with the way things are, currently. This is all before shipping and handling. Now, if the total cost was closer $25 or $30 I'd be finding a way to maybe get one of these awesome things. (Yes, I am that much of a nerd).

Don't let my thoughts on price and economics get you down. If these made you say something similar as myself upon first seeing them, get yourself at least one. Just remember these are pillow covers, and I think for throw pillows.


On another note, I have decided to participate in something interesting. The act, in itself, is an amusement and the whole thing is generally a good cause. I do hope that they do not mind that, while I do agree with the issue at hand, I generally still have a certain way I do things.

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