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Hard Justice (Halo3 Machinima)

Hard Justice by DigitalPh33r is a Halo3 machinima which was created using the games "forge" options and editor. The show is created within the game, like all machinima, using the items in game as props etc. I have not personally played the third Halo, due to being stuck last gen, but I have played the other two. This is a very well done short series of thirteen episodes ranging at about seven to ten minutes a piece.

The first episode honestly was a selling point for myself. At first, it will make you wonder what the heck you are viewing but after a moment or two I promise you'll get at least a small chuckle. In all honesty, I do think the first episode, and a few others, work well as standalones. There is a running plot for the entire series but its sorta not needed and it is possible to view the show in random orders.

Hard Justice Ep. 1

One of the best parts about this series is that there is no need to know anything about the game its done it. Its a stand alone, very funny show that just happens to have been done with Halo3 as the medium.

Playlist of all 13 Episodes


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