Solve Unamusement: Six Degrees Game (Climate Change)

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Six Degrees Game (Climate Change)

Thanks to Blog Action Day, the topic of today's amusement has been decided. However, it is a vast and every so occupied amusement, at least for some, that there is difficulty in pin-pointing specifics.

Of course, we could always turn to Google for the answers. Google is, as we all know, one of the all powerful beings on this planet. Give it a question and it shall answer. Now, the problem with asking Google is it doesn't always tell you whats best. This all doesn't really matter, as I've my own personal amusement from this.

I believe it is called "Six Degrees" and all one must do to play is mentally take any object, creature or even yourself and place them on what you consider a typical summer day. From here, you give that object, creature, person or whatever one item and place it near. When this is done for demonstrative purposes, the common theme is a little kid holding an ice cream cone. You can, of course, take a much larger view. I prefer the though ot mosquitoes in stagnant water which is near a sapling. From here, we take what we commonly think of a summer day, as I said before, and slowly start making it hotter.

Now, its a race of "Who dies first?" Does the water evaporate before the sapling shrivels? Do the little mosquito larva have enough time to become full mosquitoes? One might be wondering why anyone would care about the mosquitoes but one must also remember that the same water is used by the sapling. Still having trouble with the mosquitoes? Okay, lets try a frog. How about a turtle? Or maybe you would rather see this as a koi pond and look beyond the water. How hot before the sapling catches fire with almost no incentive to? How hot before the grass dies? I have seen grass die and trees wither after freshly sprouting at a nice 97 degrees Fahrenheit and that is a typical summer day, for me.

Now, I'm only offering this little "game" for you to play but at the same time I ask you. How soon before these things start effecting you? At what point does the dying tree across the street become "your problem"?

Minus all the bush beating, I do honestly enjoy the "Six Degrees Game" and have played it on more then one occasion. Its great for long and/or painful road trips, doctor visits and dealing with relatives.


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