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Killn' Nadzee Bidness (Inglourious Basterds)

A Quentin Tarantino movie from a remake of the same name, Inglourious Basterds is beyond the phrase "must see". The movie starts off oddly with a sort of "What the hell am I watching" few moments and is broken into odd chapters. This behavior, however, is typical of Tarantino so nothing new there.

The best parts from the movie have to be from the Basterds themselves. The, not technically, renegade group of Jewish-American soldiers running ram-part in de great county of Fra-Ance. Dis group is made up a few quirky characters and Brad Pits is, indeed, ma fave-ort. Tennessee be one of does places where good Nadzee killn' soldiers be grown an Aldo de Apache don't make ya wish nudden dif'ernt.

Gore and swearing make an appearance, of course, while both having a "light touch" to the core effect of the movie. The main point of this, like other Tarantino films, is the character plot and entanglement. That drive for each character to reach whatever their goal was, in this case it was the same or similar goal, while having some bit of awesome tossed in the middle for good measure.

Personally, I'd call this film an action-comedy if I had to give it a genre but really, just saying "Quentin made it" gives the thing its own classification.

Totally worth the currently retarded ticket prices and snack concession rip off artistry. During my viewing of the movie there was a randomly annoying person a couple of rows down so that took away from my overall enjoyment. There also was the fact that, even while I found the movie "short" and wanted more, the film is more then two hours long. I'd rather of had my own personal chair and a small screen but still the movie was worth its ticket.

If you hate going to the movies as much as me or for the same reasons but not much then this film will get you to go. (If you don't hate the movies then you probably already have seen this film.) That is all with the assumption that you can handle when people take history and roll it up in a ball. Take history, roll it in a ball, light it on fire and then piss and/or shit on its ashes before feeding whats left to a rabid dog. Don't go for historical accuracy, go for fun.

Inglorious Bastards - "Interrogation"

Its worth $8-$12 just to see that guy get the holy Nadzee shmit ged knocked outa'im till'e be ded. Shoulda been telln'em where da udder soldiers be hidn'.


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